Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy easter! I'm sure I'm kids are confused, because when I tell them why we celebrate easter I can't help but cry... I'm hoping the feelings are at least sinking in.
We had our giant family easter egg hunt, we are so spoiled to live close to TWO grandmas and one grandpa (and a few cousins!). It's so awesome to share these kind of things with them, and Alex and Lydia are just starting to be at the age where they want grandparents to themselves, it's nice that we can switch between a few... although we still need one grandpa up here! (Gary :)

And, this was about one month earlier... at the kite festival. It's sad that it is warmer at the beginning of april than at the end, but that's how it goes :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Going private...

I've decided to go private. I'd love to say I've been thinking about this a lot... but it was just a quick decision after listening to an amazing presentation by some police officers :) And, then I'll know how many people actually read this thing... because I'm sure it's like 2.
So, leave your email address so I can invite you to this "exclusive" party :). Thanks!

In other news, Alex taped this onto my door, I found it tonight after he went to bed...
So precious! (translation = I love the Savior). I love church :)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Just relax!

We just spend about two weeks in Mexico with this whole crew! (at Chichen Itza)
It was warm, breezy, and VERY laid back (at Tulum)
We swam/snorkeled almost everyday. Saw crabs, iguanas, scorpians, macaws, toucans, spider monkeys, fish, urchins, sea turtles, and millions of bugs that I don't know their names...
(here we're swimming in cenote azul, yes, it's really that blue... and almost 300 feet deep, even from the edge :)
The boys went deep sea fishing and caught some amazing (and tasty) barracudas
With a beach in our backyard we got pretty brown, and completely relaxed... awesome
We're all glad to be home and surprised at what we missed (carpet!). We were so lucky to get to go on this trip with our family, the cousins are best buds now :)