Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hey everyone! As you see, Sonya came for a visit and her and Al got along a lot better than anticipated. :) We also all went to Glenwood Springs for a quick vacation. The hot springs there are so neat, I forget everytime. We also happened to walk upon a free jazz concert in the park and got to meet a lot of the local hippies (most of them were older). It was an experience!

Dave started work a couple weeks ago, he likes it a lot and is learning more and more but he tried to ride his bike a couple times and the hills in Golden practically killed him! Because he's not willing to shower after he gets to work, something about being embarassed about being naked there...whatever, he's trying to find some alternate routes. We only have one car and we're trying to figure out all the options we have.

Other Big Big news is that we're starting to look for a house. Dave and I have already second guessed this decision a few times...and each time we end up feeling alright about it. But, it's still a huge step. We're looking at houses tomorrow and I'm finally realizing my life long dream of being able to go into houses that look cool from the outside :)

I think that's it, I hope all is well with you. Love, the Maugers