Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our kids are already adults

Before school started we were quizzing Alex on his phone number, full name, address, etc. Lydia would often help Alex cheat (except that she doesn't know the answers herself). So I'd ask "Alex, what's your phone number?" And Lydia would lean over to Al and whisper "one". Then Alex would say to me "one?" No, there's not a one at the beginning of our phone number. Why would you listen to a three year old?
Well, yesterday I was trying to think of someone's name and Lydia leaned over and whispered, "Gina" I said, "Gina?" Nope, not right. MAN! She's just so dang convincing!
We got to go to Jaxen's football game friday night. (These pictures below will totally freak out my roommates at college who used to see pictures of pudgy Jaxen at 1 year eating everything...) Anyway, when we got there Alex said, really loud, "Boy oh boy, you sure do have to have some big poofy muscles to play this game!" Everyone that heard was cracking up. I love that kid.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

First story

We went to Alex's elementary school BBQ last night and Lydia asked for an alien from the balloon artist... isn't it awesome?!? Good choice!

This next part is for recording sake, but read if you want!
Alex has always been really into stories, reading, hearing, and making them up. The other night he had Dave write his story down. So, without further ado, "The Story of David" by Alex Mauger (written by David Mauger)

David was having a nice time in his castle with his princess. When suddenly, his princess was feeling sick. She said, "I think I'm having babies." Then David thought, "This is great."
The princess went to the doctor. When she went to the room, the doctor wasn't there. David thought he should look for the doctor. So, he got on his horse. He went to a big lake. A man was carrying a flower in a boat. David called out, "Have you seen the doctor of my castle?" The man answered, "I saw him walking past the little mountain next to the 2 trees."
So, David went there and saw an eagle. David asked the eagle, and the eagle said, "I saw him next to the 5 holes under that tree." David went there and saw some moles carrying branches. David asked the moles, they said, "Yes, going down the wiggly path."
David found the doctor, and took him back. "Why were you out here?"
The doctor said, "I lost a tool, but then found it in a bush, but I got lost." The doctor helped the princess have the babies. She had one girl and two boys.

The End

Monday, September 13, 2010

Path to success

I met up with my old college friend on saturday... Cosmo. I missed that guy :) We went to the BYU vs. Air Force game in Colorado springs. Judging on the traffic...everyone else did too :) It was great to be there, sad to see them play so poorly. This was the only good picture (camera died). I might have to go again, for the pictures...
Alex also marched in the Harvest Festival in Arvada. We dressed Lydia up right so she could score us some good candy... she did not disappoint :)
He stopped and sat down when he saw us. The parade was a little too long :) His shirt has the logo for ARvada West Highschool, class of 2023. As Dave says, 'that's if he stays on track.'
Lydia had her first day of preschool. In the newly named Yellow room. It's not really yellow, just the paper outside... oh well :)
Now I have two kids in school. And 2 uninterrupted hours to myself. It still doesn't seem long enough :)

Monday, September 06, 2010

Apples, horses, and nickels

Since I had a lot of east coast roommates in college I heard a lot about apple orchards in the fall. We have one (just one) u-pick-it apple orchard in Colorado. It's a hobby farm, but they had the doughnuts, and that's all I really wanted to try :)
The grandmas came with us. They had these HUGE draft horses called Percheron. Lydia is petting the newborn.
Alex is scared to death of horses (like his mom and dad really). So we're practicing feeding these gentle giants... see the fear in his eyes? My death grip on his arm? All for his own good :)
They also had the nicest little donkeys... they were like cats they wanted to be petted so much. It was cute.
So, now we've officially enjoyed a apple orchard. Although someday I'd like to go to the east and do the real thing :) Our hay ride was fairly pitiful...

On another note... Lydia has been lifting up her shirt lately and saying "here comes the nickel show!" We thought it was so funny that we've been having her do it for friends and family. I thought maybe she got it from TV (those crazy cartoons), or maybe she thought her belly button looks like a nickel. So we would laugh and Alex would even start doing it. Well, yesterday Dave realized what she was saying. As Lydia pointed to her nipples and said "nickel"

AHHHHHH!!! Were we really encouraging a nipple show!?!? And where in the world did she get that? I swear that I have never uttered those words (until just now). Now we're quietly discouraging the practice, hopefully we'll break it before she can say the word correctly...