Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hike at Golden Gate

  We took a short hike up Golden Gate Canyon to look at the changing colors (mostly aspen gold).  Gary and Jaynie went with us, but the pictures with them wouldn't turn around in my I'll post them another time.  We LOVE fall!

   Lydia now says  "cheese" with every she usually has this face...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Yawns & Cries

 Remember last post when I said that Lydia was pretty much always happy?  Well, there are exceptions...tonight being one of them.  It is around 2 am and Lydia has been crying since around 10:30.  Dave and I have a system with this but it doesn't seem to be working tonight...  The biggest problem is that I have to take an EEG test tomorrow, which I can't sleep more than 4 hours before.  It's a test that induces seizures to see where my levels are.  So I'm already up, and Lydia feels she should be too.

  All I can say is poor Dave!  He wants to sleep and needs to sleep, but it's hard with a child screaming!  Alex, on the other hand, sleeps like a rock through this.  Hopefully she'll be asleep before I need to fall asleep.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


  We started preschool this week!  Although Alex is only there for two hours, he still felt the need to bring his back pack and take a picture before school with it :)
  When I dropped him off he went right into the room, no big deal.  But when I left there were a whole bunch of moms crying in the hall...I guess this is way harder on the parents because I didn't see any kids crying :)
  He came home singing booger songs, so it looks like he found the fun friends...oh my.  Then, this Saturday we went to a parade in Arvada.  We got SOOOO much candy that we actually needed another bag besides my purse to put it all in.  It was like Halloween!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


  We had a Mauger family reunion in's really close to Grand Junction and pretty much a half-way point for everyone.  Because we're really horrible at getting pictures, this was the only one with Daniel & Michelle (right) and Steve, Kass, & Weston (left).  
  This was a cool bench there (notice Lydia's pigtails!)
  At the dinosaur museum there they have animated dinosaurs, it was awesome!
Driving back we had a little traffic, but the kids did great.

  All in all it was great, we even did one bike ride where I was humbled once again.  It was great because when the kids went to sleep we adults could all stay up and talk and play games, Dave and I had a blast...and Alex was sad to leave.  Lydia's pretty much always happy :)