Thursday, May 30, 2013

End of school

Lydia's first trophy, and a cake with made out of rainbow sparkles (team name)

We got to go to "night of fire and thunder" at Bandimere speedway.  It was fun, and COLD! 

Alex & part of his class after the water activity of field day... they liked getting wet :)

Lydia at field day, water... they missed the part about getting the water in the bucket and just squeezed out the sponge on their heads.  Her shirt is a drawn self portrait of every kid in her class... coolest shirt for kindergarten ever!

I know you can't see the faces, but this is Lydia and her kindergarten teacher, Ms. Arleth.  She is sad that today was the last day with this amazing teacher, what a fantastic lady!

Alex's class on the last day, they also got self-portrait t-shirts of the class.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pretty Lydi

Life has been very eventful for Lydia lately!  She's been playing soccer on the weekends, and really loves it.  Maybe one day I'll shell out the money for real soccer shorts :)

She lost her very first tooth!  Actually, I kind of knocked it out (It was really loose and I flicked it with my finger, but didn't know my own strength).  She was super excited about the toothfairy!

She also turned 6 yesterday!  We had a camping birthday party, roasting hot dogs on the outdoor fire pit, s'mores instead of cake, silly string war...

And reading scary stories in the tent by lantern light.  The tent was indoors because of the rain, but it was still scary :).  Today she gets to eat in the cafeteria for the first time (it's a practice run for first grade).  She is really enjoying each new experience, and she is so much fun to be around.  I love you Lydia!

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Almost summer

We enjoyed the first zoo day of 2013 last friday... beautiful weather!

Alex finally started baseball.  He had a great first game.  We just missed the storm too, this was tuesday night and wednesday we got 4-6 inches of snow!

I also had my spring piano recital.  These are all of my students (minus one adult...).  They did SO well, I really like this little hobby of mine :)
We are counting down the days to summer vacation, just a birthday, field day, tons of parties, fundraiser, soccer/baseball games, and a holiday before we're finally free!!!!