Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ah winter time! We went up with mom and dad to cut down christmas trees on their land. IT was a lot of hiking and Alex refused to wear anything but his hat and papa's gloves.
WE did get a couple good pictures of the scenery though, and some AMAZING fudge at the small little town in south park.

OH, and the top picture was taken at home by our very own photographer, DAve. I was really impressed how professional it looked, so I wanted to post it :)

New house pictures

I hope these pictures aren't too dark. This is our new home! WE moved in right around Halloween and the pictures were taken just a couple weeks ago when it was still beautiful green! The top left is of our kitchen looking in through the dining room/living room. It's all open and very pretty. The top right is Alex's bedroom, it's a really bright green so it's better if you see that in a dark light :) The bottom pictures are front and back yard. WE love it! Oh, and you can see the new/used car we bought behind Alex and I in the picture. It's a jeep and it broke down the day after we bought it! ARGH! Luckily it was an easy fix and we feel really spoiled!