Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bud Action

Lydia had a dress up birthday party the other day. She REALLY enjoyed dressing up. The only problem was that the party wasn't till 11:00, and this was at 8am :) So, she looked like this at the grocery store, walgreens, and target. She got a LOT of compliments, and I'm not sure how I'm going to convince her to wear normal clothes ever again!

(I promise that's not a slip... it's really a costume)
Sorry this photo is sideways, Alex brought home another cup with seeds in it. (Does everyone else get like 5 of these a year?) Anyway, it finally started growing, so Alex made a little ruler out of paper on the side... he wrote 'bud achin" (bud action) on the ruler so we'd know what we're measuring :)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Lydia is a sunbeam now, meaning she's actually in a class during church, instead of a room full of toys. Sunbeams are notorious for not sitting in their seats, so her teacher brought them paper eggs to sit on. If they sat on them the whole time their teacher gave them little paper 'chicks' to take home.
Lydia LOVED this idea, and the next week she made her own eggs with chicks in them for each kid in her class. Then she brought them to church and had her classmates sit on them. Her teacher said she was the only one that even cared... but she obviously cared a LOT!
She also has a stuffed pink kitty that has been a favorite for a while. She told me her name the other day was "licker". I guess she has the naming talent that Alex also had at this age. (He wanted to name our bunny soft-head or long ears) Apparently the kitty licks Lydia :)

I found these pictures on the kid camera we have. I go through periodically and make sure there's nothing too disturbing. I found this picture....
This is the best picture taken of me since I can remember. It was obviously sunday because I have makeup on... but it makes me think that I should start wearing makeup everyday. hmmm.

Alex has also started talking with air quotes. He doesn't know how to use them, for example... "I think you need to start giving me 'cookies'. " He literally means cookies, but he'll air quote it for effect (or is it affect?). Anyway, it's really funny.
He's also into Indiana Jones. He's never seen the movies, but there is animated lego versions of basically the whole movie. So, he and Dave will pretend that they're running from huge boulders and jumping over pits of snakes. I tell him that Indiana Jones is so good at exploring because he learned everything he could in school (let the brainwashing start :)

Life is going good here, and we're SO excited for spring. We've even planned our garden :)