Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Colorado has had WEIRD weather this winter. It didn't snow till after christmas, and now it feels like spring! We have had about 3 days of 60 degree weather, and we still have snow. So, today we were out barefoot.
Alex and I avoided the snow and just sat in the sun, but Lydia...
YUP, she's barefoot. I took a picture so she could prove that she walked barefoot in the snow to her grandkids :) And then I made her get out...

Monday, February 07, 2011

the Big 30

Dave turned 30 yesterday! And before I started this post I realized that I never posted about my birthday :) So... I'm also 30 now :) 30 and 3 months, and I'm feeling it! Here is how I look at 30 (I had to black and white it because I'm super sickly pale right now, ugh!)
For Dave's birthday God gave him snow, the stake president canceled church for him, and tv land gave him the superbowl! (yes, all tv shows come from a magical place called tv land :) He is so loved! I only gave him slippers and cookie balls!It was very nice to have him home all day for such a special day. We did shovel my mom's driveway, but it's not work when you don't have to do it :)
So, happy birthday Dave!