Thursday, December 31, 2009

7 years

Before I get lovey about Dave in this post, I wanted to post some funny pictures we took. Our "new to us" computer has a photo booth on it. And Lydia, Alex, and I played on it for about 45 minutes the other day. These are some of the best :)

And now, about the love of my life...
Yes, it's been 7 years of marriage for us :) Do you like the picture? This is colored pencil :)
What can I say about this guy? Nothing that you want to read, I'm sure. But I will tell about our anniversary, if you bear with me :) He kept it a secret, because I LOVE surprises. We drove up to Estes Park and spent the night in the EXACT same place we spent our honeymoon! We even ate at the same neat little restaurant. It was so much fun to remember way back when. He's an amazing man, and I'm glad I still got him :)

Ho Ho Ho

Christmas was a quiet success at our home this year. Alex woke up at 7am but didn't want to look at the tree until Lydia was up. So I went downstairs to turn on the pretty lights while Alex woke up Lydia. They were very excited to see the tree, which I got on video. Good thing too, because I forgot to wait till Dave came down...oops!
A few of his haul, transformers and spiderman slippers :)
Lydia's big gift was a pink bike. We got it as a hand-me-down and it's just perfect. Summer will be outside for these guys. She just kept saying "thank you guys, thank you thank you!" It was wonderful :)
In the afternoon we had an annual christmas party at my parents house. This is the one time I see almost all of my family on that side, so I love it. There's a lot of loud laughing and ignoring the kids, and even more good good food. Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I didn't think I was that busy, but it's been a long time since my last post...oops. Anyway, Alex turned 5 on the 19th! We didn't have his party until the 21st so we couldn't say happy birthday to him until the party. I guess the cake and candles make it official, never mind what mom says :)
It turns out Al is picky about friends, I like most the kids his age but he's pretty nit-picky. While we're working on that flaw with him, he does have some amazing friends that are just joys to be around. His cousins, Elijah, Madeline, Jaxen, and some new friends Adriana and Jack. It was a very pleasant party (as 5 year old birthdays go :)
They were all scientist, so I made lab coats for them out of t-shirts. We did experiments and made things blow up, fizzle and change colors. We also let them make whatever "mixed" drink they wanted. Out of juices and pops, of course
I love this picture of Jaxen, no wonder Alex loves that guy :)
And Lydia always feels cool sitting next to Madeline. I'm so glad we have some nice older cousins here to show my kids the ropes.
And now on to Christmas! I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Gingerbread houses

Our annual tradition continues. Each year the houses get better and the kids eat less candy. We even got to show it off at our ward christmas party this year (there was a contest). Although we didn't even come close to winning :)

I wanted to put in a picture of Autumn, she's one year now and Lydia is starting to realize how cool she is
Melissa was getting rid of some clothes and gave us this kid scrub uniform. Jason (my brother) got it for his son when he was in medical school many moons ago.
Alex was wearing it while playing with Jason & Melissa's kids at grandma's house. Alex was screaming loud and so Jason came in and said "Alex, don't scream" and Alex held up his hand and said "excuse me, call me doctor" I'm so glad he said that to Jason, it made it that much more hilarious ;)