Monday, April 26, 2010


Cleaning out the cameras.... Dave teaching Alex how to meditate :)
The kids always jump and dance to music on our bed in the morning. This day they decided to try ballroom dance :) Alex even would spin Lydia
After an especially errand filled day, Lydia's head is actually resting on Al's :)
And last, the kids have a old digital camera all to themselves. I rarely check the pictures because they're usually blurry close ups of the computer and cookies :) But these were rare gems I had to share :)

Why they chose to take pictures of their bums? Don't know, what's worse, I don't remember them doing this. Maybe I need to get off the computer :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

festival, firemen, pluto

Kite festival 2010 didn't disappoint. The weather was nice, Dave got sunburnt, and the kids actually flew kites on their own! Here's Lydia with her tinkerbell kite (green)
Alex and his transformers kite (big black one in the corner) Al thinks he's pretty cool right here...
Dave and his crazy kite from China. (his grandparents gave as a souvenir when they went there maybe 20 years ago...) It was too hard to fly
I actually got the kite the highest, and Dave took tons of pictures of my victory. Unfortunately, Dave only took pictures of me and not of the kite, so I still have no proof...darn Dave and his zoom fetish.
We also went to the children's museum, and I finally remembered my camera...but not a new battery. I did manage to get Alex posing like the manly firefighter he is :)
And Lydia's new "camera smile" I've been told that this too shall pass...
We also were given some old decorations for Alex's room from a friend with grown kids. One set is the planets, and of course Pluto was included. I didn't tape up Pluto onto Al's wall because I didn't want him to get confused, but he saw the planet in the trash this morning and started crying. I told him that the scientists decided it wasn't a planet anymore, and he got mad. I told him I felt the same way, and then Dave and I made up all these really good reasons for why it wasn't a planet (we really don't have any idea).
So, this afternoon, he asked me to take Pluto down and throw it away. I asked him why and he said, "it's not really a planet". I guess he just had to make peace with it in his own way :)

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy easter

Happy easter! It was kind of fun to have one whole week of easter, since we dressed up the sunday BEFORE easter this year :)

For actual easter we went over to my parents and had the big hunt...maybe 250 eggs? My family tends to overdo traditions (but I LOVE it ) Wrestling with grandpa...he might have been on a sugar high too...
The hunt
and the loot
by the end the eggs were overflowing the buckets. After the last session of conference we rode bikes and ended up at the park! Alex has finally gotten over his fear of two wheels and can actually keep up with Lydia now :)