Monday, November 26, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving! Dave's little sister Michelle and her husband Daniel came to visit from Texas, so we spent a lot of good quality Mauger-time. Of course we ate a ton of food, and we even had a beautifully delicious breakfast with mom and dad Rozeski that morning, just to fit a few more things into our growing bellies.
Just our little family took an amazing trip to Casa Bonita. They had all the lights up for Christmas, it was amazing!

This is the usualy picture of me acting like everything is happy while the kids are barely hanging in there...they're not very good with pictures :)
We also took Daniel, Michelle, Jaynie & Gary to see Dad's firetrucks. Alex tried to show them the ropes, but no one can beat Papa Ed talking about his firetrucks. We were there for a couple hours and they were giving the GRAND tour!
Daniel was the only one brave enough to try on the bunker gear, with oxygen mask and he even tried to fireman carry Michelle. She was trying to be dead weight here :)
That's about it! Pretty slow but peaceful thanksgiving. I didn't do any cooking, so I'm pretty grateful for that! Oh, and we caught the mouse (before the company came) and Alex is even starting to feel better (he's been really sick for about a month). So we are very grateful for MANY things :) Happy thanksgiving everyone!

Friday, November 16, 2007


I want to tell you a quick story about Al. WARNING!!!!! This might give you the willies or just gross you at your own risk! We just recently watched Ratatouille, about a mouse in a kitchen, and Alex likes mice now. Well, I found out we have a little visitor in our home! Yup, a mouse. He's really small and very smart. We put traps around and caught him that day, but just on the back leg. He wasn't dead so Dave decided to take him out and "finish the job". I don't think he really thought it through because as soon as he let him loose the mouse of course scurried away into the wood pile. Dave came in saying he was really fast and went to the wood pile to die. Guess what? I found him in our house the very next day!!! He was peaking over the couch.
So, last night we decided we'd find out where his home was and put poison in there...we're getting desperate. We found his home but couldn't find the mouse. It's an old outlet box that the old owners had all of their cable TV cables coming out of. We don't have cable so we just taped it up and put a couch over it....I guess that was wrong. Anyway, Alex helped us look all night for the mouse, and then he even helped us close the box up properly. We thought he understood that we didn't want the mouse here in the home. But, for prayers last night Alex prayed (the usual thanks for home, grandparents, etc.) and then he thought for a little while and said "please bless the mouse". I guess he thought we just wanted to find it and help it, not kill it.
Poor kid. And since we're pretty sure that Heavenly Father listens to his prayers we're guessing the mouse will now be our permanent pet. rats!

Friday, November 09, 2007


Question of the day... What is on Alex?

Here are some clues that he gave me

1. My legs hurt

2. I need to fix my tummy

3. I look like daddy

Here are some clues that I knew

1. He was supposed to be taking a nap

2. He was very quiet for about 10 minutes
3. He played the piano after I heard him get up for a few seconds.
These were my guesses...shaving cream, mayonnaise, the white cream makeup from halloween, Desitin, marshmallow cream, lotion...maybe face lotion, and of course anything that I didn't realize that we had in the house until he actually put it all over his body.
Luckily, he's almost three so he gladly retraced all of his steps for was only on the couch and piano. I'll give you another clue, his carpet in his bedroom won't be getting diaper rash for a very long time. I guess he started with the "rash" on his leg and then decided he could look like Dave when he shaves. He did a good job, nap time was over quickly today :)

Thursday, November 01, 2007


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Pretty scary huh? Lydia actually loved her costume, it was totally wet with drool by the end of the night and Alex, as you can see, got into character really well. I'm pretty sure it's the thesbian in Dave that Al has, but he was really good at acting like a scary ghost. He even made Great grandma run in fear (which if you've seen great grandma walk, that's a really large feat!) We carved some pumpkins, and neither Alex or Dave would actually put their hands in the pumpkin guts...where's their spirit? But they turned out well. I hope everyone else had a great halloween and I'm looking forward to all the ghoulish pictures!