Sunday, September 15, 2013

Italian quinoa football

Festival Italiano!!!  Alex was singing "O Sole Mio!" all day (his unique version :).  We love this festival, it was a REALLY hot day so we waited till evening to go, but we still made the grape stomp.

"O Sole Mio"

After the HOT week of 95 degree weather, we had a HUGE rainstorm.  It rained monday night through friday morning!  I didn't go outside for four days (unless I HAD to).  On friday afternoon I went outside and noticed that we had some sprouting quinoa on our back porch! (backstory - we grew quinoa this year and harvested it on our back porch because it was MESSY!  we must've missed a few grains)

Alex is also playing flag football this year.  He really likes it (it helps that it's fall and colorado is crazy over broncos)  I've been impressed with his throwing and aggressiveness.  They all think they play just as well as the broncos.  I even saw one kid do the "finger shake" after he made a tackle (like "not in my house")  I died laughing!

Because it's YMCA football everyone plays every position.  Here's Alex as quarterback :)  What a stud :)

Tuesday, September 03, 2013


We went camping this weekend at Dave's (and mine) favorite camping spot.  We invited my parents and my sister, but at the last minute my sister couldn't come, so luckily a friend from Dave's work came.  The Phipps were able to join us for the night and my kids were in heaven (the Phipps have 5 kids :)

My parents brought the canoe, and although the fishing wasn't good... we got plenty of time with a pole in our hands

My parents brought my sister's older two girls, so we had 8 kids total.  My dad would paddle them all around :)

These rocks were the favorite place