Monday, July 16, 2007

I don't know where Alex got this cowboy craze but here he is! He puts on a plastic cowboy hat that's about 3 sizes too small, sits on his horse and says "giddy-up" and "ride 'em cowboy!" Those are the only two phrases I know, so he's pretty limited. He is also learning to dress himself, that's why his shirt is on backward. A few more Alexisms... he loves the old church hymn "come thou fount of every blessing", but he calls it "come thou fountain". We're just happy he likes good music! He also really likes Lydia, sometimes a little too much. When he gets really close to her face I say "give her space" and he says "where's space?" and looks around. I guess when you take it literal...he'd love to give it to her, but he doesn't know what or where it is!
Other than proud parent stories, we've got nothing! Life is good here, I'm starting to feel better and Dave is still loving work. Oh, and Lydia slept 6 hours straight last night!!!! Yipeee! We were in heaven!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Baby Blessing

Lydia was blessed on July 1st in our ward. It was really nice to have both grandparents would've been nicer to have all of our family, but summer time is a hard time to get away, as we found out already! We braved the heat to snap a few shots right before we had to run to our various callings. That's why we look so rushed. And Alex is wondering why we're not going straight to nursery - his favorite part of the week :) I hope these pictures make you who haven't seen Lydia want to come and hold this little sweetheart...we'd love to share if you can make it!!!