Thursday, July 24, 2008


  I just have a few tidbits for you all.  First, this is my new craft (not the pillow, just the branch) It's called needle felting, and you take raw wool and kind of tangle it up onto the pillow. (or whatever fabric you want to use)  It looks like embroidery but takes no thread.  It's a really cool, crazy that it works craft.
  Second, Lydia and Alex on their pirate ship.  Pretty much everything is a pirate ship for Alex, and Lydia loves to be included (note her expression).  They also really love this blanket...I found it in the closet from Dave's college days.
  And last, I didn't take a picture because you shouldn't of this kind of stuff.  But, our next door neighbor died yesterday somehow and they put the the crime scene tape up and had the CSI taking pictures until late last night.  He wasn't old, maybe 45, and lived we're not sure what happened.  But I am a little more cautious about letting my kids play in the yard without me and things like that.  I've seen many CSI and cop-related shows, and I didn't realize that all the CSI people actually do drive big black SUVs that are unmarked.  Why?  I still have no clue.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


  I guess I forgot the obligatory "What I did July 4th" post, so here's my summary.  We had a BBQ, watched fireworks and got to bed was great!

  On another note, this is my sunflower :)  It's the very first time I've grown something from a little seed and it worked out!  I love it, it's huge (they're dwarf sunflowers) and I'm very proud.  Now I just need the rest of my yard to look like this pot...hmmm.
  Because it's summertime we got the slip 'n slide out, yahoo!!  I did slide and flew right off the end, it's for little kids, so there are no pictures of me doing it.  But the kids LOVED it.  And grandma even got everyone involved in a huge waterfight at the end, the Rozeskis were there too.
   OH, and a quick story.  We got a fish about 5 months ago and Alex has never named it.  I thought he'd be really into it but he doesn't care at all.  Anyway, he was feeding it the other day and I asked him what it's name was.  Alex said something like "compassiovisiondafiter"  or something like that, but then he said "but I just call him FISH". hahaha