Thursday, February 25, 2010

ode to mom

This is probably more like a mother's day post, but when I feel something good, I have to say it :) I have the best family! Both sides are amazing. Dave and I have never felt alone but we always feel independent. How is everyone so good at that?
Anyway, my mom has always told me about her dream to know her grandkids well and have us live close so now that that dream is a reality she really makes the most of this time in her life. Constantly she offers to play with the kids and loves to take them to the zoo, museum, etc. She even took up quilting to make quilts for her grandkids :) This is her quilt for Lydia...
The other reason why she's amazing? She let me pick out these colors and didn't even like them :) but she still took her time to make the quilt anyway....Love you mom!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The desk

Meet Jon Allurud, he's a mystery writer best known for his novel "Lighting always strikes in the same place twice". Unfortunately most of his earlier work was plagerized. (sorry about the spelling).
We went to another murder mystery dinner, I was an actress that had lots of , a-hem, questionable material. It was a ton of fun. And Dave, as always, was in character the whole time :)
Now the desk.... before
Thank you to all who gave suggestions. I painted it a darker brown (chocolate), and took off the laminate top. I then modge podged fabric on top and made a basket liner. I would have two baskets in there but I think I'm just inches too short on another liner. The top is a little bumpy, but it will only impede her writing (which won't happen for a while). Anyway, thanks again!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dave's birthday!

Dave's birthday was last saturday but he got sick. We couldn't go out to eat, he barely walked through the chocolate festival (not eating ANY samples) and the fancy cake I got him he only ate two bites....poor guy. So it's been kind of a birthday week, I wish I could've made it more exciting for him! 29 never looked so good :)
For Dad's birthday the kids got presents from grandparents :) Lydia ballerina has now learned important words like tutu and leotard.
Alex has always wanted to be a scientist, and his safety glasses made it real. He's currently a paleontologist digging out a triceratops. Sidenote: this is the coolest present, but it's messy. I highly recommend it :)
And last, I need your help! This was Dave's desk when he was little, it's in good shape, but Al already has a desk. I was thinking of how I could make this for's not girl style yet. I don't need big frills, but I want it a little...prettier. The base is wood and the top is like a laminate. If you have any idea at all...please comment!!