Sunday, November 10, 2013

Writing & Released

Dave was in the bishopric for the last 4 years, before that he was a ward clerk so we haven't ridden together to church for the last 6 years.  Except the occasional stake conference.  Last week Dave was released and we got to get ready together this morning, go to church together, sit together, go home together, and feed the kids together.  It was AMAZING!  I'm glad that he got the chance to serve, and I'm glad that others will get the chance to serve in that capacity.  I love that about our church :)

In other news, Alex has turned into quite the little writer :)  Here is his latest paragraph….

"One day, in fall, I decided to take a walk.  The air was crisp and cold.  All of the fall leaves colorfully danced down from their trees.  They also crunched under my feet, like the sound of Pringles in my mouth.  It smelled like someone was BBQing.  That's what I sensed when I took a walk."

Obviously they are working on descriptive words… but I was really impressed :)  That boy is definitely going places!
And now, a picture to reward you for reading :)