Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ah winter time! We went up with mom and dad to cut down christmas trees on their land. IT was a lot of hiking and Alex refused to wear anything but his hat and papa's gloves.
WE did get a couple good pictures of the scenery though, and some AMAZING fudge at the small little town in south park.

OH, and the top picture was taken at home by our very own photographer, DAve. I was really impressed how professional it looked, so I wanted to post it :)

New house pictures

I hope these pictures aren't too dark. This is our new home! WE moved in right around Halloween and the pictures were taken just a couple weeks ago when it was still beautiful green! The top left is of our kitchen looking in through the dining room/living room. It's all open and very pretty. The top right is Alex's bedroom, it's a really bright green so it's better if you see that in a dark light :) The bottom pictures are front and back yard. WE love it! Oh, and you can see the new/used car we bought behind Alex and I in the picture. It's a jeep and it broke down the day after we bought it! ARGH! Luckily it was an easy fix and we feel really spoiled!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

We are finally in our new house! We closed at the end of Septebmer, but we had some work to do on the house before we were ready to move in. After a day of jackhammering, weeks of paint and caulk, we are here.

Alex is Superman for Halloween this year and he enjoyed dressing up for the church Halloween party. He called himself "Super" but cried everytime a kid dressed as a skeleton walked by. Today in church, Alex was very reverent during the sacrement prayer, bowing his head and being very quiet. After the prayer ended, he said, " Amen. Rock ON!" Our giggling only encouraged more "Rock ON!"

Alex enjoys getting dressed, even if we can't take him out in public. He especially likes mom's shoes. He also loves the leaves and the snow we have received this year. He is a lot of fun and we love having him around.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hurray for Thomas! In Golden we have a little railroad museum that each year they have Thomas the tank engine day. As you see, we even saw Sir Topham Hatt himself! Or as Alex says, "top"
Alex really liked the train ride, and waved to all the visitors on the side of the road. IT was a little chilly, but nothing to complain about.
Unfortunately, it was the only day that he decided to sleep in, so we had to wake him up to come, hence this picture...he hadn't quite warmed up to it yet.
All in all, we had a blast. Grandma Marty and Grandpa Gary came to join in the fun. There was an amazing model train that Alex would've gladly spent the whole day watching. And we even had a sing along! He's hooked.

Just like his daddy :)

So, every morning skinny Dave makes himself a lunch. In it he puts a nutella sandwich. Just pure, straight, nutella. He says it makes him feel happy ;) Anyway, I decided Alex might like it for lunch one day, so here he is! His first Nutella sandwich, he loved it too and I'll bet it made him feel happy too :).

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hey everyone! As you see, Sonya came for a visit and her and Al got along a lot better than anticipated. :) We also all went to Glenwood Springs for a quick vacation. The hot springs there are so neat, I forget everytime. We also happened to walk upon a free jazz concert in the park and got to meet a lot of the local hippies (most of them were older). It was an experience!

Dave started work a couple weeks ago, he likes it a lot and is learning more and more but he tried to ride his bike a couple times and the hills in Golden practically killed him! Because he's not willing to shower after he gets to work, something about being embarassed about being naked there...whatever, he's trying to find some alternate routes. We only have one car and we're trying to figure out all the options we have.

Other Big Big news is that we're starting to look for a house. Dave and I have already second guessed this decision a few times...and each time we end up feeling alright about it. But, it's still a huge step. We're looking at houses tomorrow and I'm finally realizing my life long dream of being able to go into houses that look cool from the outside :)

I think that's it, I hope all is well with you. Love, the Maugers

Monday, July 24, 2006

Dave graduates!

Yes, you can now call him Master Dave. He received his diploma (or the cover at least) on Friday, July 21. After only a year we felt like we cheated the system. He'll start work on July 31, so we're enjoying the little freedom we have and we're going to Glenwood springs for swimming and bike riding. His graduation was only 33 graduates so it was really intimate. The MBA program he was in had everybody in the same class all the time, so they were all really close. They also went to Scotland for a few weeks together, so a lot of the graduation were inside jokes. It was fun to see everyone and exciting to hear what their next steps are.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hot Summer Fun

We gave Alex a hair cut today and it is the first time we buzzed it. He sat still and thought it was funny. We are surviving the heat wave and Alex is staying cool with the baby pool in the back yard. He jumps in and out like a seal-on his belly. He also loves his sun glasses because he thinks he looks cool like mom with them on.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Hey guys! A couple weeks ago Dave was working on the car and Alex wanted to help...right here he looks confused, but trust us, he knows more of what's going on than Dave :) The last two pictures are of tonight when we took Al to coldstone for the first time, he had watermelon sorbet with sprinkles, and ate the whole thing! He did go to sleep with died bright pink lips but all in all it was a success!

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure! The first one is at easter and the second is at Steve and Kass' wedding in Utah...they picked out the bowtie :)


Hey everyone! We had a really exciting week with Melissa and her 3 kiddos here. It was a little messy and really busy and now we're all tired. Jason had to stay home for work but he got the beauty of sleeping in every morning!
We went to tiny town and rode the train "choochoo!" The kids loves climing in and out of the little houses. We also went to the natural history museum and a pizza bar.
Alex has just started nursery in church. The first week he had a blast, the last two weeks he's fallen asleep on the nursery worker for most of the time. Good thing she likes him!
Dave is almost done with school, two more short weeks and he's a free man! (except for the jobs I want him to do :) He'll start work at Sonsio in Golden, CO on July 31. He's really excited to start working in the real world, and he doesn't even have to wear a tie!