Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm a dork sometimes...

I never thought purses were cool when I was in junior high and high school. Not really even in college. But then I got a diaper bag and realized that they're useful... though still not cool. Until now, now I have a mom purse. Not a diaper bag but an actual fashionable purse, with little things in all the pockets :)

Lydia has made me girly, and now I like little lotions and lipstick in my bag, and gum, because moms always have gum... right?

So I grabbed sample lotions at the doctor the other day and stuck them in my cool purse. While I was waiting for a train the other day I grabbed one of the little bottles and squeezed some into my hand. Right at that moment I realized that the train was done and I'd have to rub this in quick, and then I saw that this little bottle was trial size shampoo!!!! Yup, I had squirted a generous amount of shampoo into my hand. Such a dork! Luckily I have some baby wipes in my cool purse still :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

first day of school

We are the proud parents of a fairmount firebird :) Alex is now officially in Kindergarten, so exciting!
The only tears were from Lydia because she couldn't ride the bus too. Although Dave almost cried :)
He picked out the biggest backpack he could find, maybe to haul Lydia along one day :) It's full of his supplies so it was pretty heavy too!
I'm so excited for this next step in his life. He got on the bus without looking back and went right to the back, probably to sit with the 6th grade girl that waited at the stop with us. He's no fool :)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

summer summer summertime

I'm a theme song kind of gal. Whatever word you can think of, I can usually think of two songs that sing about it. There are about 800 songs with the "summer" theme. We found by a really extensive online survey, that "Summertime" by Will Smith was the ultimate summer song :)
We had another zoo marathon on friday. Here are the boys studying the map for the most efficient course :) It turns out you can see the zoo in less than 6 hours! (They might not be all THAT efficient :)
We went to Lakeside. Even though half of the rides are broken, the kids had a blast. We started out on the easy circle rides, then they rode this kiddie coaster (sidenote, Lydia thought that when we said "kiddie" rides, we meant that kittens were on all the rides.... such a disappointment!) They were all smiles until the first hill, the next time we saw their faces they were scared to death! I wish I had video :)
Alex's first trophy, from swim team. He believes it's pure gold :)
An finally, I went to a baby shower with a farm theme. This was the cake! Her sister-in-law made it... first one ever! So, Michelle & Melissa, where's my themed cake?
We have loved summer this year, especially since we put it to music :)