Saturday, April 21, 2007

I know the pictures might be a bit overwhelming!!! I decided today was a great day to catch everyone up on the Mauger happenings. The first picture is Alex sneaking some fresh baked sugar/cinnamon bread. He has eaten the whole candy coated top already by the time I caught him, and his face was so cute I thought I'd snap a photo :) WE were gonna give those to our friends...oh well.
The second picture is a month early, this was about 2 days ago, so 36 weeks. But, I'm already large and the red dress was there, so here it is! I tried taking a picture from the front to show everyone how skinny I look from the front compared to the side. But, the red dress isn't that flattering and it made me feel fatter than the side picture!!! Impossible? I used to think so too :)
The last three pictures are our home improvements. I painted our bedroom wall red. It only took 2 weeks of texturing and then 5 coats of paint....but it's done! WE love how it turned out. WE feel quite posh now. The big sand pile in our driveway is for Alex's new sandbox. Dave hauled about 35-40 wheelbarrows of sand to the backyard and as you see the finished product it looks magnifique! Alex loves it, and he calls it "my rock". Now Dave is sore, I'm large, and Alex is living happy! Love you guys!
Kendra, Dave, & Al