Sunday, January 31, 2010


Meet our first pet (besides bubbles, the fish). This one is a little bit more work than bubbles, but we can pet him (or her). Some friends in out ward had two rabbits that were supposed to be two boys, but they weren't. So they were giving away the bunnies. Yea for us!
Our friend's little girl named it. Alex's choices were straight ear, scratch, and fur head. So we stuck with Crackers :)
It's very calm and hasn't ever scratched or bit us (yet). We let him run around for a while during the day and then he goes, quite willingly, back to the cage. I love it, I admit we got him probably more for me than the kids :)
And of course Lydia, she' growing up and this outfit really showed it off ;)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

do I have to name this?

I did a recipe exchange a while ago and my sister gave me this recipe from her in-laws who live in Samoa. It's called no-fuss sushi. It was super easy, and it tasted as good as any california roll I've had. You use tuna fish so it's not scary, we always eat tuna fish raw. They looked good and tasted good...but they smell bad. That seaweed stinks!
We also went to the stock show here in Denver. Dave is the only one that has been before, and I think he was 8. We saw horse jumping, the dog pull (which was hilarious), and lots of HUGE cows! When we left we asked the kids what their favorite part was and Alex said, "the popcorn". At least he was honest :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

the game of LIFE

We decided to play LIFE with our kids for the first time, hoping they would be old enough. It was so much fun!
Lydia won, big time. She chose not to go to college and became a professional athlete earning 90,000. Lucky. She liked spinning the wheel and getting kids, but didn't actually care about the money :)
Alex went to college and became a rock star... his choice :) He earned 20,000 a year and LOVED the money. He had no idea he was almost broke the entire time.
It's been nice and slow around here for the holidays. We've stayed inside a ton because I'm attempting to potty train Lydia (which I'll never devote a blog post to... hate it that much) but because we're inside the kids are literally jumping off the walls.

I love their face in mid-air :)