Sunday, November 29, 2009


When I was 7 years old my mom finally let me pierce my ears. She didn't want me to do it for all those adult reasons, i.e. big responsibility, permanently changing my body, etc. Anyway, she gave in and I got them pierced. When I was 13 they closed up because I'm allergic to all earrings besides the 14K gold posts...
I never really cared that they were closed, but I started getting the itch to have some more bling on my face :) So, last night I got them pierced again :)
It was really funny because at first she thought I was getting Lydia's ears pierced, then she thought I must be getting 2nd holes because what 29 year old doesn't have their ears pierced? It didn't hurt as much as I remember, I fainted the first time :) I also really felt like I should call my mom first and ask her, but I didn't...such a rebel :) Now with all the cleaning and "careful sleeping" I have to do with newly pierced ears, I totally agree that it's much too great of a responsibility for a 7 year old.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The test I took after the last post was an EEG test. It's such a funny test, and I keep trying to remember to take a camera, but always forget. So here's a picture of what I kind of look like during the test...
photo courtesy of

Although, all my cords are different colors and I have hair :) During this test you lay on a really comfortable bed in a dark hotel-like room. You have to blink a whole bunch of times, then you keep your eyes closed while you make yourself hyperventilate, then a strobe light is in your eyes for like 3 minutes going faster and faster, and then you try to fall asleep.
The reason this test is funny is because of how it looks, and that it seems like they're just playing with you the whole time. That's how all of neurology seems to me. They make you stand on one foot, and then they kind of tap little places to see if you fall. I think they go back to their office and just LAUGH at all the silly things they made me do :)

Anyway, my test is over and I don't know the results. But, I did get to sleep last night, so I'm a happy camper! Happy thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Scary movies, anyone?

This was the only picture I could find of me looking scared, but...
I must be 8 years old again
I'm scared to look out the windows, I don't want to be close to under my bed, I don't like walking in the dark, and I have the TV on just for company. Why? I did something dumb.

I'm staying up late for another test tomorrow morning. I went shopping at midnight (it wasn't nearly as fun as in college, but I did sing to the music for old times' sake :), and then I rented a movie. Dave likes most movies, but he HATES scary movies. So I decided to rent one. I just finished. It's 2 am and I'm scared! I should've gotten someone to watch it with me. I still have 45 minutes until I can go find comfort in my bed, until then I think I'll waste time with facebook...

Sunday, November 08, 2009


Alex has always sounded older than he is (not acted).  He even defined the word "omnipotent" in primary when he was 3.  Today we both have colds and were sniffing.  He said, "mom, let's make a nose band"  Recently he's started to put his gift onto paper.  This was my birthday card this year...

I know you can't read that or see what it is, so I'll explain :)  It's a rocket ship, with a man hanging off it, and then his name up at the top written pretty fancy.  Then he had Dave write this, "Dear Mom, We're going to have a blast birthday party. Happy birthday!  I love you"  Hallmark, here we come :)
    Alex and Lydia have also starting taking pictures.  Thank GOODNESS for digital.  Anyway, I found this one on the camera today...

That little temptress :)

Sunday, November 01, 2009


We had our first big snowfall this winter, about two days before halloween!  This was the first day, the second day it snowed all day too, but there was only about 6 more inches
I LOVE the snow.  It makes everything so quiet.  We played forever outside, and when Dave came home he helped the kids make a hilarious snowman (sorry, no pictures)

And of course we went sledding. Lydia is a trooper, she walks up the hill all by herself, always face plants in the snow, usually can't see because of her hat, and never complains.  She just says "let's do it again!".  Alex is finally starting to get steering down, which is better for everyone on the hill :)
Luckily it was mostly gone by Saturday night, so trick-or-treating was still a success :)