Wednesday, May 28, 2008


          We started this weekend with Jaynie's graduation from CU Denver nursing school.  It was full of stormy weather and excitement when the chairs would blow over (it was outside).  So the kids paid attention for longer than expected.  Then, when the weather got too bad, they moved it inside and we decided to leave before actually seeing Jaynie get her diploma.  I heard she still got it.
  Then we drove to Utah and got in around 12:30 am.  Why such crazy hours?  Because we wanted to spend as much time as possible with Weston Mauger...our new little nephew :)
Adorable isn't he?  He was blessed on Sunday and we actually managed to get an OK picture of the whole family with their eyes open.  Which is a feat for the Mauger side.
Then on Memorial Day, before driving home, we took a quick trip to the grand metropolis of Tooele to visit a couple old roomies.  Here are me, Anne, and Jenn...we lived together my junior year (Jenn is sure it was our sophmore year, but she just took longer in school :)  And Jenn's little baby Maddy.
Then we drove back home and got in around midnight.  Our kids did great, the weather was terrible and we loved seeing everyone.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lydia's Birthday

  Lydia turned 1 year on the 15th (thursday)  I failed to post anything because we somehow totally forgot to take any pictures of her at her actual birthday party :)  We got video, and I know some of my family got pictures, so we'll be good.   Now that she's a little older we're starting to see her personality.  Mom and Dad say she's Kendra's child, which is good because Dave's parents always say that Alex is Dave's child.  So, now we both get what's coming to us :)
    Lydia has no fear.  She'll climb, try new things, and talk to anyone who will listen and smile.  She's is EXTREMELY social, only acting shy for a moment to flirt.  She'll eat anything!  Even sidewalk chalk, rocks, dirt, and tree buds that fell on the ground.  (Don't judge me!  She's fast!)  She also is sure that she can not just walk but she can run, jump, swing, and kick.  Her confidence is astounding!  She's slowly getting more hair, which is mostly just exciting for me.  And, like Alex, she loves being the center of attention :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

You've done well, my young grasshopper

Dave finished our bathroom!!!  Sorry we don't have a before picture, but here is the final product!  Picture a blue toilet and sink, an old metal window, a mildew covered old glass shower door, a smaller shower where the base is uneven so there's always a pool of water in the shower, and huge water stains on the linoleum (sp?), that dripped through the floor onto our TV downstairs....yuck!  Was that a good enough picture for you?
  The biggest thing is that we didn't actually hire anyone to do this!  Dave did it with lots of help and advice from Gary and Ed...but I'm very impressed.  I now call him master craftsman :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008


            Alex found that Lydia sometimes has some good ideas...this was her house until he moved in.  She looks OK with it though :)

           It's beautiful here in Colorado, we even got a little sunburnt.  This is in our backyard.

   This last picture is really only for Jen, although everyone can look :)  She wanted to see a picture of the living room after I finished all the walls and the couch and piano bench.  There ya go Jen!