Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mt Rushmore

Last week we went camping up by Mt. Rushmore in the Black Hills.  It was beautiful!  And the company couldn't be beat :)
                          Mom & Dad with the "cutest grandkids in the world"

                                   Alex & Elijah hamming it up
                                 Mom, Dave, & Jaxen in a sideways cabin
                             Lots of time in the car leads to things like this...
                                 At the active Mammoth dig site, very cool
We had a great time, and stayed at an AWESOME campground.  We even had an adventure!  Saturday night it started raining, then hailing, then raining some more.  We were in our tent trying to wipe up little puddles that were starting.  All of a sudden I noticed that the floor of our tent felt like a water bed.  I looked outside and we were in a river!  We had about a foot of water in our tent and we saved as much as we could.  The kids were pretty scared but we finally found a hotel to stay the night in.  (on a side note, my brother told me that my mom was always scared of flash floods while camping so she would make Jason dig a trench around our tent every time we camped.  Probably just to keep him out of her hair :)

So, we lost a few flip flops and such, but not too bad.  All in all, great camping trip!

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Renaissance Festival

We went to the Renaissance festival yesterday!  It was a first for all but me (Kendra).  Alex is the blob hanging onto Lydia for dear life on the elephant ride :)

Ms. Lydia riding a ship swing.  The guy running the ride was so nice and got some awesome pictures while he was swinging on the side

Sir Alex, princess Lydia and Sir Dave

Today they were still in character :)  

One of the acts we saw was a comedian magician that didn't speak.  His comedy was mostly making fun of other people and doing cheesy tricks.  It was hilarious :)  He would ask people to come up on the stage, have them bow, do a trick with them and make fun of them the whole time.  I have a video of what happened on stage when he asked Alex to come up.. but I can't upload it.  Here's the link

He's afraid to ride an elephant but not afraid to do that in front of at least 100 strangers!  We are exact opposites :)

We had a great time.