Friday, April 17, 2009

Kite festival

Every year since we've had kids we've gone to the kite festival.  It's a small party at a huge park where you just go fly kites.  They even have some wonderful hippie 60s music blaring.  It's so relaxing that it starts our spring (even though it is snowing today again ;)  This first picture is Dave trying to fly our kite that was put together wrong...
I'm actually flying the fixed kite here, Lydia is holding on to the handle and I am holding the string...even though it looks like I'm modeling...
During this gorgeous daddy/daughter shot there was a Simon and Garfunkel song playing, it was beautiful
And last, we have a overhang on our house right by the front door.  People seem to think they can walk down the stairs and miss hitting their head, but EVERYONE hits their head on it.  We put a huge potted pine tree in front that stopped most people.  But, it died and slow and painful death.  So, I decided to try my hand at making wind chimes...maybe the noise will deter any potential head bonks.    I do realize that they are crooked, but I don't know how to fix it.  Now our tree can go to the dump.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy easter!  We've had such a fun weekend that I wanted to post a few updates.   I decided to do a before church photo, it was really cold but you can't have coats covering those cute little outfits can you?
  Saturday we had a massive easter egg hunt with the Rozeski's.  Madeline, Jaxen, and Elijah have HUGE baskets because their mom is a HUGE basket kind of a gal.  Grandma is in the back holding Autumn who I'm pretty sure thought we were all crazy.
On another note, Alex speaks like an old man.  He always gives advice to store clerks when we're leaving, and he told grandma that if there was anything she needed, just let him know.  Yesterday he leaned over to Dave and said, "Mom's a slow learner."  I don't know if this is from TV, books, preschool...or if this is how Dave and I actually talk.  But he's so formal for a 4 year old that we usually laugh.  He is brutally honest like most 4 year olds.  He told our neighbor that she was getting pretty old the other day.  What do you do in that situation?  I hide.
Lydia is hilarious.  She holds her own with everyone, even giving the older kids a run for their money on the egg hunt.  She's potty training herself because of her non-committal mom that doesn't want to start.  And she sings nursery rhymes continuously.  She also always walks into the Rozeski's with a "I win!" shout.  (they play a lot of games there, she must think if you shout it that you really win)
  I'll post some pictures of Dave and I soon.  We haven't changed at all :)  No wrinkles, no gray, no extra flab.   We just haven't been able to match the pictures in our head to the pictures that show up in the camera :)  Maybe our camera's broken...