Tuesday, February 21, 2012

San Antonio

We just got back from visiting this cute family in San Antonio! yeehaw!
Our kids liked seeing Daniel & Michelle, thought Snickers (their big dog) was fun, and LOVED to be around Mason every minute he was awake.
It wasn't sunny weather, but it was a warm rain (for us). Luckily, Daniel & Michelle helped us prepare for rain.
We did go to SeaWorld, and because of the rain some of the rides that were not water rides made us wet. This was a PAINFULLY slow ferris wheel that made our seats & heads wet wet wet.
And, of course, we saw the Alamo. We went to the IMAX movie about it before seeing the building, which was great because it explained the story to the kids. Although, when the battle started Lydia said, "I think we're gonna win!" (sorry to tell you Lydia... ). And at the end Alex was crying. Maybe we should have prepared them before?

Friday, February 03, 2012

snow day!

We had a snow day today! Dave still had to work. (so sad...) It snowed steady the whole day, beautiful. The roads were still good, all in all, a GREAT snow storm!
It was a little too windy/blizzardy to go sledding, so we went over to my parents house and made a small sledding hill in their backyard instead.
I shouldn't say "we". My dad and my brother-in-law were outside for hours with the kids, while I stayed inside reading by the fire. Like I said, GREAT snow day!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Crazy hair day

I love school spirit days! Lydia wanted to get in on the action too :)