Thursday, September 15, 2011

Italian FEstival

This week we're watching my mom's dog (the one she got when we got Aspen). His name is Rollo, and we're pretty sure he's Aspen's son. They LOVE being together, and are always side by side. Alex now calls them Rollio and Aspenette (aka Romeo and Juliette). I thought it was fitting.
Lydia asked me this morning to put a "love heart" in her lunch. I asked her what that was and she said, "a piece of paper with love written on it". I guess the other moms are writing little love notes in their kids lunches... I'm glad Lydia knows that she needs to give her mom little helps with this kind of stuff :)

Last weekend we went to the Italian Festival. We go every year because it is always so much fun, and GOOD FOOD! Alex and Lydia crushed grapes again, Alex still doesn't like it :)
We also got to dance in the streets too. My old friend Chelsey (sumner) and her little boy danced with us (they're in the blue shirts) Lydia seems to be showing off her calf muscles quite nicely in this picture :)
I also danced the tarantella with Alex. I had forgotten that I put our Italian waffel cookies in my bag right before... this is what they look like after a vigorous tarantella :)
Hopefully we'll get more next year!

Thursday, September 08, 2011


I just witnessed a miracle. Alex ran outside to play with his socks on, and as he opened the door I yelled "take your socks off!" So, as usual, he tore off his socks and threw them back inside. Then it happened, he said "oh! I was trying to stop that habit!" and ran inside, grabbed his socks, and put them in his room in the hamper! HALLELUJAH! It was amazing, I almost cried :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Labor Day

Lydia finally had her first day of preschool today! She was super excited. The large purse she is carrying is actually her lunch box! So cool, way better than my tin she-ra (sp?) lunch box when I was her age :)
For Labor Day we went to the Rockies baseball game with my parents. We had a blast! And got great tickets really close for really cheap. Here Alex is wearing his rally cap (er, visor?). The Rockies were behind 3-10, and when he turned it this way the final score ended as 7-10! I had no idea how powerful this superstition was! (yes, the rockies did still lose...)
My mom bought the kids giant icee's, Lydia munched through hers in about 10 minutes :)
And finally, I LOVE having my parents so close. We do fun things with them all the time. We went to Heritage square, and Alex took this picture :) I wish I would've hidden my leg...