Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Things I missed...

I missed a few events from the past months... here's a quick recap:
We went to the drive-in, it was SO awesome!  The kids watched the first show (Ice Age), then they fell asleep in the back while Dave and I watched the new Batman show.  It was super fun (and cheap)

We went to Lakeside and Elitch's thanks to our local library :)  Fun rides, scary rides, wet rides, and funnel cakes.

Lydia started soccer.  I'm too cheap to pay for the full uniform.  Hence, the green shorts :)  She scored a goal the very first game, but her favorite part are the snacks at the end.

Aunt Linda came to visit from Texas.  She's so fun to have around, and her dog "cindy rose" is a hoot!

Our elementary school does a BBQ at the beginning of the year.  It was great as always, and Lydia got such a pretty face paint!

We changed our front yard.  The rocks and flower bed used to just be grass.  I, however, drive on the grass often :)  So, we changed it to rock and I LOVE it!

We can finally do long bike rides as a family. With no one in training wheels we can even do a little off-road.  It's been awesome.

These next two pictures are out of order, but it was when we were shoveling rocks Lydia and her friend wanted to help, look at the size of their shovels!  So stickin' cute.

And last, we planted two apple trees this spring.  One of them gave us two apples this year!  We thought it was hilarious that these big apples were on this little tiny tree.  Picking these and eating them was a big event in our house :)
I think now we're all caught up!

Monday, September 03, 2012

Colorado springs

For Labor Day this year we went to Colorado Springs and saw their "balloon classic" 
 At night they have a balloon glow, which is AMAZING!  The balloons are all puffed up, but kept on the ground and they glow, so so so cool.
 In the morning (early morning) the balloons take off.  The weather didn't cooperate right away so the kids got their hair chalked and styled at the Fantastic Sams booth :)
 Don't look too close, it's early for me :)  But I loved that we could go in the middle of the action... they just shooed us out of the way when it was time to take off.
 Then we went to the zoo, which was such a unique and fun zoo, it was really great.  And, we got to see the Manitou Cliff dwellings.  My family went here when I was younger (maybe 9) and I forgot my shoes so I had to sit in the car the whole time.  It was really fun to finally see them!  (I've always been a scatter brain).