Saturday, July 23, 2011

Water Fight

The last day of track for the kids is always a water fight. It was one of the funniest things to watch ;)

Do you remember long ago when there was only the one kind of water gun? It was just a water pistol and would basically spit water at someone? Then, the world of water fighting was revolutionized by SUPER SOAKER! Do you remember? Well, they've come a LONG way since then :)

Of course, people still choose to go old school, pitchers and buckets were a plenty. And they do a great job
I bought Alex and Lydia some pretty sweet guns, that weren't too heavy :) That poor kid in the back has a spray bottle... that might be worse than the water pistol, might.
Here's a pretty strong shooter
This one is ridiculous, I mean it's easily 2 feet long, probably weighs about 10 pounds. That kid holding it is like eleven years old (and my height). It also has a orange screen on one side with a bulls eye target on it, so you can shoot accurately. It's insane!
But, no matter how good all those buckets and fancy guns were... this guy definitely won :) Right now he's squirting the 3-6 year olds. Don't you think he'd feel bad about this? Turning a FIRE HOSE on to little kids with pathetic little spray bottles? I don't think he felt bad at all
It was a great fight this year. We love giant water fights :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our wonderful garden

We had a poor start to gardening this year. Out of our 20 little seedlings, only 5 survived... and two died in transplanting. The seeds we started outside were drown in a freak rainfall that lasted over 3 days. So, we're very excited about getting ANYTHING this year :)

Alex is standing next to the zucchini, which is doing awesome. I made a mistake and also planted pickling cucumbers and butternut squash in this little box. It's a little ridiculous
I tried soybeans and they're awesome! If you pick them early you have edamame, which tastes SO good. So we'll have to pick these suckers pretty soon :)
These are our two tomato bushes. I've never had tomatoes grow so big before. We had tons of rain in colorado this year, which apparently the tomatoes LOVE. (I did trim that plant, those branches left are all the ones with green tomatoes on them... yum!)
And, lest you think I have a green thumb, I wanted to show you our broccoli plant. So sad! We planted 3, this was the only one that survived, and it seems to have some crazy bug or disease, because those leaves should be big and full, not spindly and holy.
If anyone wants some zucchini or butternut squash, let us know!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


When Dave was younger his family would always go camping at Red Feather Lakes. This year we decided to continue the tradition, and we were not disappointed.
Dave got up early in the morning to fish each day... crazy! He caught 6 fish, not too shabby for someone who hasn't fished for years.
We invited the grandparents, of course! My parents and Dave's mom Jaynie came, here's a really intense game of Go Fish.
And Alex trying to reel in his first catch... he never could get one to shore.
I actually caught two, on the same cast, along with a crawdad! I was showing Alex how to cast out and when I reeled it in I had caught someone's old stringer. It was totally awesome! Of course, we didn't eat these, who knows how long they'd been dead.
It was a BEAUTIFUL camping spot, and I'm so glad Dave introduced us to it. We finished the vacation very dirty but very happy! And maybe a little bigger because we ate a LOT of smores :)