Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas time is here!

Decorating Gingerbread houses, a grandma Marty tradition.  So much candy is consumed during those two hours!!!

Alex got to try his hand at frosting this year :)

Seeing Frozen with Grandma Jaynie, really cute movie.

Ears pierced!  She was super brave and only cried a little bit.  As soon as she saw a mirror she brightened up again.

We have a "secret santa" each year (maybe a neighbor?).  This year they gave Lydia a balloon making kit.  She has perfected the mouse and wiener dog so far :)
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

9 years old!!!!!

Alex celebrated 9 years of life on thursday, December 19.  Every year this is a busy birthday and this year was no exception!  He had school (a field trip too), cub scouts, and "A Christmas Carol" play with grandparents and cousins.  So, we celebrated his birthday in the morning.  I got up really early and prepared this fantastic pancake breakfast with bacon, etc.  After singing happy birthday and blowing out the candle on the pancake we dug in and I realized I used Baking Soda instead of Baking Powder!  YUCK!  So, we had cereal. Alex was still happy.

For his party he wanted to go swimming.  It was a GREAT choice.  All the boys could swim and so I wasn't nervous, almost all the boys could come, and it wasn't busy on a friday evening.  Alex got all the toys he wanted, and a few toys that we got him for christmas… so we have a little last minute exchanging to do today… boo!  But, he was so happy and I'm glad his family and friends know him so well.
Look at those stud-ly 3rd graders at the swimming pool :)  I love their little bods.

Alex is a joy to be around.  He is such a great big brother to Lydia and he tells me that he loves me all the time.  I'm so glad that I get to see him grow everyday.  We are very lucky to have this little man in our lives.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas catch up

Lydia has lost her first tooth up top, and the hole is HUGE!  I think she's going to get big front teeth just like her mom :)

Dave and I went to Las Vegas for a weekend.  He had a business conference and I just hung around.  It was fun to have all the time in the world, but even better when Dave could hang out with me in the evenings.  It's a fun place, but talk about sensory overload!

The kids were in a nativity play for church.  Lydia was a little disappointed that angel is pretty much the only role she'll ever have (always trying to reach for the elusive Mary).  They both did a really good job.

Alex was a sheep, I was SUPER impressed with the costumes they made for the animals.

This is a terrible picture, but Alex was in a play with his 3rd grade.  He's a bol weevil and an army ant.  He really enjoys being in front of a crowd and performing, smiled the whole time.  It's really fun to watch him as his mom too :)  
Now on to cookies, parties, plays, recitals, birthdays, and christmas!

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Christmas recaps

For the last three years I've done christmas recaps from our kids' quotes.  I never put them on the blog, but I really wanted to keep them in one place.  So, here are the last three years.  If you don't want to ruin the "surprise" of reading 2013 in the mail… don't read the last one :)

    From the Mouth of Babes – What went on in 2011

“Adios Amigos” – Alex and Lydia, everyday, during our trip to Mexico

“Did you know that I’m gonna have a new cousin named Mason, but we can’t tell you his name”  Lydia, after learning the “secret” name of Daniel and Michelle’s new baby, born in March

“When I grow up I’m going to be a Mechanical Engineer” Alex, kindergarten graduation

“I’m going to stay here and “guard the house” – Alex’s first use of air quotes

“Why do the girls always have to stay home?”  Lydia at the bus stop

“I love you more than Legos” – Alex

“The dog was lickilish” – Lydia, after a dog licked her face

“Please bless daddy to want a dog” – Lydia’s prayer one night

“Cloud, flower, nature, earth, cantalope, oak, curly, bowling ball, felice, pencil, aspen, rolo, ginger, clover” – Name suggestions for our new dog

“Kids, don’t fight”- Kendra
“I’ll fight for the freedom” – Alex

“Oh shin!  Holy freakin’ asphalt!”  Alex’s new words after the first day of first grade

“I don’t have anything in my head, the only thing I’m thinking about is nothing” – Lydia

“Who do you sit by at lunch?” Kendra
“Oh, the whole gang” – Alex

“That song touched my heart” Alex, after singing ‘The Savior’s Gift’, a song about Gethsemane.

“You can’t go trick-or-treating if you’re sick” – Kendra
“That’s OK, you can just take my bucket and get the candy for me!” Lydia

“Santa’s going to give me hundreds of presents, because he’s like a REALLY nice guy” - Lydia

Out of the Mouth of Babes – a recap of 2012 at the Mauger home

“Mom, I think I have a bald spot” Alex

“In high school plays I sang and danced and even played God” Dave
“What?!  You DANCED!?”  Lydia

“Lightening war.”  Alex’s 1st choice for his chicken’s name.  He finally went with Coyote

“Are you scared of the spider?” Lydia
“Of course not, I’m a man” Alex

“Pain comes before righteousness” Alex

“I had a splinter in my toe that came out, rolled down, and got stuck in my foot!” Lydia

“I’m Jesus’ wife” Lydia
“Jesus can’t get married, he’s a nun” Alex

“Mom, we get brownies at swim lessons!  She said if we do flip turns we get extra brownie points!”  Alex

“Is it dinnertime?” Lydia, after hearing the smoke alarm go off

“Lydia, don’t point with your middle finger” Alex
“Why?” Lydia
“It’s a bad word” Alex
“My finger is not a word” Lydia
“It means I H-A-T-E you” Alex

“I’m the princess, Mom’s the queen, Daddy’s the king, and Alex is the guard.  He doesn’t like to be a prince because they kiss” Lydia

 “Knock knock” Lydia
“Who’s there?” Kendra
“What do you call a horse with stripes?” Lydia
“A Zebra?” Kendra

 “Santa is so nice, instead of giving Jesus presents, he gives us presents!” Lydia

2013 at the Mauger home

“I don’t want to fall off the edge, of glory” – Lydia

“Alex, when you get older…” – Kendra
“I’m going to stink in the armpits.” – Alex

“When we die we’re resurrected to our perfect age.” – Kendra
“So, like, 14?” – Lydia

“The USA is called the crock-pot” – Alex
“You mean melting pot?” – Kendra

“Let’s retire and work at Disneyland.” – Dave
“Mom, you CAN’T retire!” – Lydia

“Your basketball coach has some great things to say, but sometimes she doesn’t say it nicely” – Kendra
“Yea, I know, just like you” – Alex

“You’ll play Pachabel’s Canon” – Kendra
“Taco Bell’s Cannon??!!” – Alex & Lydia

“It’s baptism by erosion, Lydia.” – Alex

“When I’m a firefighter I’m going to save the pets first.  I’ll be on the pet team.” – Lydia

“We need to cut your hair” – Dave
“I don’t want to, I thought it was optional” – Alex
“I made it mandatory” – Dave
“I have no agency in this family!” – Alex

“Caught any fish?” – Lydia
“Not yet” –Dave
“That’s OK.  Fly fishing is harder because you’re  standing in the water and the fish can see your legs.” – Lydia

“The boy I will marry will be permanently mine.  Like a mini-helper” - Lydia

Merry Christmas!