Saturday, June 26, 2010


We went camping all in hopes to see Big Horn sheep, "wild" big horn sheep (the zoo doesn't count). We did not find a single sheep, but we saw a whole bunch of other things :)

A crazy mom with her freezing children who all forgot coats (it was 100 degrees in denver, but it's colder at the top of the mountains...)
Lots and lots of deer
even more elk
only a few chipmunks
a two truly wild kids
We also saw coyotes, but couldn't snap a shot. Maybe next time the sheep will come :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's day

Our computer was broken, twice, but now it's up and running! YEA! I noticed this picture when I was reloading photos, and wanted to post about it before I forgot. We got Alex a cute little piggy bank from DC
He put all his money in it the first day, until we realized that only dimes came out. So we smashed it :) Alex is still looking for a replacement. Who makes a piggy bank where only dimes come out????
I was at girls camp this week, so Dave took charge. He's a good dad, ever since he became one. I love that he puts us first, and actually listens to my opinions. I love this guy!
The top one is Lydia, the bottom is Alex. I had just gone through my first seizures with Alex, so that's why he looks so pale, it's not the lighting, it's him :) Poor guy
He was treated to breakfast in bed, the kids had to join him. They're all excited about bacon (something that generally does not happen in our home :)
Happy Father's day to all!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Swim team!

Welcome summer! It's been all busy fun so far, and it's only june :) I had to start with a picture of my Iris bed. I only got 1 measly flower last year, and this year it looks like there's too many! I love that :)
I signed Alex up for swim team. The Rozeski kids (Jaxen, Madeline, and Elijah) do it and Alex begged to be signed up too. I hesitated, because Alex can't actually swim. But, why let that stop him :) So, every morning we are at the pool. Here's Ms. Lydia (don't judge me with the sugar cereal in a bag, she was sick and slept in...)
Are here's our swimmer! He's already improved a ton, and I'm so excited that he could actually swim a 25 by the end of the year! If he accomplishes that, he'll be a better swimmer than me...
Their team name is piranhas, doesn't he look dangerous :)