Friday, October 12, 2007


Alex decided that he needed some "scripture power" this morning. He just kept turning the pages and saying "word of God". It's so weird to me that he knows so much about church things, but I like that it seems so natural to him. Thank goodness for Dave's example!

I also got to see my old roomate Anne!!!! It was so fun to see her again, she was visiting a friend here in Colorado and I picked her up from the airport and had a really late breakfast...maybe more like lunch :) We had fun talking about the past and all of our fun roomies, and what life will be like in the future. She's living my dream of getting her graduate degree in Speech Path...maybe one day!


Dave and I were itching for a little vacation, and after looking through all the travel books we realized that we have a wonderland here in our own Colorado backyard! It was the last weekend for the Georgetown Loop railroad and turned out to be beautiful! Enjoy the picutres!

We even got wet from the steam, the fall colors made it gorgeous and it was perfect weather. We're so lucky!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I can drive!!!!!

I was waiting for a really cute picture of me behind the wheel before I posted this blog, but I rarely look good for long and DAve wasn't fast enough with the camera :) But, I can drive again! IT's been 4 1/2 months and I've only cheated twice :) Not bad huh? We're all very excited, Alex didn't want to come home today after driving to the grocery store, so we didn't! Ah, freedom!

I had a really intense sharing time presentation where our teacher threw away a whole cake that I gave her...if you want the lesson I'll tell you the details later. Anyway, all the primary kids were shocked, some almost cried. I knew the cakes would be thrown away so they didn't really taste that good, and I had Alex help frost and decorate...this one he started eating, with the gross frosting and everything! This also was put in the trash before too long! :)

Alex just wanted a picture with him and Lydia. Man, she's tough! She just lets him hug and cuddle but she only smiles at him from a distance. Dave is doing fantastic, we're all really excited for fall!