Monday, December 29, 2008


  We have officially been married for 6 years.  Our anniversary was on the 27th, but everything is delayed during vacation :)  We went to Joe's crab shack and the next day went skiing!!!!!!  The best of both worlds :)
  We look pretty young back then huh?  I'll post a few things (maybe 6?) that I know now that I didn't know in that picture.
       1.  Dave is really clean, he likes the house and his body to be clean, always.  Luckily he cleans the house just as much as I do, so this doesn't mean extra work for me.
       2.  We really do finish each other's sentences.  Before we knew what my seizures were he would always finish my thoughts when I would black out so I wouldn't be embarrassed.
       3.  Laundry, dishes, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.  Is all way more fun with your best friend.
       4.  You can have absolutely no money and still have a blast.
       5.  The biggest thing I miss by not having girl roommates anymore is sharing clothes, I just don't seem to fit right (or look good) in Dave's .
       6.  Dave's feet are never cold, they're always toasty warm...and Michelle recently told me that they never smell (because Maugers don't have smelly feet).  Interesting.

   I've also learned that marriage does get better with time.  I thought nothing could beat our first year of marriage, but the next year is always better.  I'm excited for #7!

Merry Christmas!!!

  We had a great Christmas here.  I didn't post a ton of pictures though, because they're all the same...a kid or an adult holding a gift they just opened with a great smile on :)  
    We woke up and took the kids to look at our tree and stockings and they weren't even close to excited (we were though, as evidenced by Dave).  They needed warm milk and some cuddles before tackling the presents.
  Then they got into it.  Lydia got a stroller that she just LOVES, my mom even made a dolly blanket for her.  Alex got a walking triceratops and playdough.  Dave got a gigantic summer sausage (shown below).  And Dave got me a book of art...I love it so much that I honestly almost cried.  It was a complete surprise.  There were other presents that all were wonderful too.
  After we went to the Maugers' and ate a lot, and then we went to the Rozeskis' and ate a whole bunch more.  Great Christmas :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The big 4

Alex turned 4 years old on Friday...he's so big now!  A couple months before we told him how 4 year olds buckle themselves in the car, and they don't have sippy cups anymore..etc.  To prepare him.  Yesterday he told me that he doesn't get bedtime stories since he's 4 either.  I think he thought that 4 meant that you don't have any fun anymore :)
We celebrated with a few of his closest friends by going to "pump it up".  It's an indoor inflatable playground.  There were many bruises, tears, laughs, obstacle courses, jumps, slides, and pretty much every kid had a perpetual smile.  It was awesome!  I even got to go on the obstacle course, but Jaxen AND Madeline beat me.  I'm so old...
Autumn made it for the big day, she's chunkin' up rather nicely.
Jaxen with Al's new magnifying glass.  It's HUGE!
All the kids checking out the presents
Both sets of grandparents were there, great grandma too.  We also had Melissa and her clan (Autumn, Elijah, MAdeline, and Jaxen) and then Alex's school friend, James.  I love Alex at every stage he's in, and they continue to get better, so having him grow old isn't sad at all.  Although I dread the day when he doesn't just want to hug and kiss and cuddle on the couch with me...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


  We had our first real snow this past weekend.  I found almost all the snow stuff except for Lydia's boots, but she was totally happy having baggies over her normal shoes.  They could've played outside forever but I started getting cold so we went in to have hot chocolate...yum!

  In other news, thanksgiving was really fun.  The Rozeski family laid low because of the newborn baby, but the Daniel and Michelle visited from Utah so we had a big dinner with the Maugers.  We played games, made cookies balls, and even got to see Twilight.  We also did a little shopping in there too.  It was great, and it's nice to just relax now :)