Monday, November 29, 2010


I never realized how badly I wanted to go skiing with my whole family until this weekend. My family (rozeski side) loves to ski, and this weekend they invited Dave and I. Well, I worked it out that the kids could come too! YIPEE!!!
Before we hit the slopes, Elijah, Madeline, Jaxen, Lydia, and Alex
Alex looking awesome :)
Lydia looking strong :)
At the end of the day (notice Lydia, she was wiped out :) It was the perfect day. No crying, no wind, not too long of lines, and plenty of adults to help. Dave and I even got some grown up runs in. I was giddy the whole day! Thanks mom, dad, Jason, and Melissa (for getting the ball rolling :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

gold mine and big horn sheep

Last saturday we went on a tour at Phoenix gold mine. It was cold! The tour was REALLY good, and there is still a ton of gold in this mine, so we got so see some very shiny rocks :) They just don't have an environmentally safe way to separate the rock from the metal, so it's stuck in there for now
Grandma came with us... the kids' hard hats were for decoration :)
Alex doing some blasting... because it was so cold we were the only ones there for a tour, which was awesome too. The guide let the kids do a lot of stuff.
They also have a creek that you can pan for gold in. People find gold all the time in there so Dave was excited to try it. He didn't quite have to break through ice to start... but it was still freezing cold. We think we'll try again in the summer :)
We also went to a Big Horn sheep festival in Georgetown. Alex's new year's resolution was to see wild big horn sheep. We did see some, even a ram! But our camera isn't good enough to get a great picture. It was exciting to finally see one after looking for the whole year!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Lydia in Grandma Jaynie's leaf pile...

Little things Lydia does I need to write down...
She learned about baby Jesus yesterday at church. While driving home she said, "He didn't have a crib! Just a manger, where donkeys eat. But don't worry, the donkey's didn't eat him"
She also thinks she can speak spanish, and she actually attempted talking to a little spanish girl at the jump house. The little girl didn't respond. :)
She put her pants on backward and I told her so, and she replied "But my bum is in the back still" and then shook her bum at me.
She is really good at annoying Alex, singing made up songs when he just wants quiet, using the special toy before he gets to it, etc. All little sister stuff. But she also gets so excited when they play with each other nicely... it's like she can't decide if she idolizes him or dislikes him (that's pretty typical sibling stuff too :)