Sunday, March 31, 2013


It has been spring break this week, and we have had SO much fun!  We tried rollerskating, jump street (where the kids got a quick lesson in dodge ball, and I realized that seeing my 5 year old hit by a ball from a 10 year old turns me into a mother bear!), swimming, and the Colorado History Museum.  Here the kids are driving a model T ford, it was cool.

We have had some snow this winter, this was a good storm.  Alex will only doing action poses lately.

Our Easter Egg hunt was awesome, as always.  We are never able to find all the eggs, but there is still plenty of candy for all!

And of course the easter outfits.  Alex opted for the bow tie today, and got LOADS of compliments!

Happy Easter everyone!  And happy spring!

Monday, March 04, 2013

Ski weekend

Last thursday Alex received his Bobcat (the first advancement in cub scouts).  He got a little pin for me as well :)  And a small disclaimer: no one looks good in a scout shirt but little cubs.

We headed up to Winter Park on Friday for a ski weekend!  We have been a few times before, but staying up there friday night and skiing again on saturday is THE best way to do it!  No traffic, sleeping in, hot tub, so fun!

My parents joined us on friday, and I was so glad they were there.  I always get a little stressed out when we start skiing with the kids.  My parents were a great reminder to relax and have fun.
We have taught the kids how to ski using a rope tied onto their waist.  So, if they go too fast we can gently slow them down.  I always said that as soon as they could turn and stop we'd take off the rope.  Well, about 2 runs into saturday a ski patrolman told us we couldn't use the ropes, so the kids were on their own!  It was hard for me to "cut the apron strings", but it was good too.  Although Lydia bombed down that first run, they quickly started skiing smarter and safer.  It was so fun to watch!  By the end of the second day we were tired and sore, and we all wanted to come up again next weekend.  I remembered why I love skiing so much.