Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween & Wolf

Alex officially became a Wolf this week!  He really enjoys scouts and has a good group of boys that he hangs out with there.  I even got a little pin to show that I helped him :)

We were lucky enough to have a BEAUTIFUL half day off of school.  So, we went to Anderson Farms and picked pumpkins, got lost in the corn maze, petted goats, and went on a tractor ride.  It was gorgeous.

We have a friend who grows giant pumpkins!  Here was his PR, weighing in at about 1200 lbs.  They decided to get it professionally carved, and it looks awesome.

Dorothy and the Scottish man got to dress up a little early for a church party this year.  Alex was very much in character using his best scottish accent.  
Happy Halloween & Happy Fall!!!!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013


I love my kids :)  Dave and I would love to have more... not just because we love holding little babies, but because we absolutely and truly enjoy being with our kids.  They are fun to be around and make us laugh all the time.

Alex has been sleepwalking lately.  He does it around 9:30 or 10 every night (that we know of).  Usually it consists of him getting out of bed and coming downstairs (to where Dave and I are).  He tells us he loves us and then we help him get back into bed.  He doesn't remember anything the next day.  Last night he never came down, so when Dave and I went up to bed we found him totally asleep on our bed.  It was so cute!  I almost took a picture :)

Lydia wants to be a rock star or a teacher when she grows up.  She has been practicing singing and making up her own songs.  I will NEVER tire of those made up songs!  She usually sings about us or how much she loves her family.  A lot of times she sings about God.  I should probably record her songs so that she can show her millions of fans how she started :)