Thursday, January 20, 2011

You read what???

I forgot so many pictures! My sister came into town for Christmas, and stayed two weeks! Here she is with her new little guy, Gideon. He has the best smile, his whole face changes :)
Dave's whole family came into town too. Weston is the only cousin on that side, but not for long... Michelle is due in April. It was fun to get to know this cute little kid.
Lydia got into Hello Kitty for Christmas... she never poses normal anymore...
And finally... every night Alex is supposed to read a book with me and then write a little review of the book on a slip of paper. All that is required is his name, the book title, and then he circles how he felt about the book. Tonight I helped Lydia read books while Alex was filling out the card, and I noticed he made a MINOR spelling mistake while copying the title off the book. You think the teacher will notice ???
He gave it a good review :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

our week...

For Martin Luther King Jr. Day we went to a rally and march in Boulder. When I was telling Alex the night before about why he wouldn't have school I realized that this is a REALLY hard topic for a 6 year old to grasp. After I thought I did a good job explaining what MLK did Alex asked "what's a protest?" and "White people like us did that?" and "you mean black like Jack Ernstrom?" (who is the little latino boy in his class..) Yes, we are quite sheltered here in west arvada. So, we went to boulder (just because the denver parade was too early in the morning) and marched in the war protest, saw some actual black people, and listened to the famous speech. It turned out well, and very peaceful... which was what I was trying to convey to Alex.

We also went to the Denver Firefighter's Museum with some awesome free tickets from the library. It was so much fun! I was really surprised...
I am also now a soccer mom (a minor dream come true for me :). My kids are in the indoor soccer league and they LOVE it! I love it too, it's once a week (practice and game combined) and it's warm :) We'll see if they're interested in continuing for fall.
On a side note, Alex now calls me "m-o-m". Spells it out. It's kind of cute, kind of weird.