Wednesday, August 26, 2009

roofs and zucchinis

I did have to take pictures of us working on the roof for the building inspector, so don't think that I was blogging while everyone else was working :)  But, here are some pictures...
   Roofing we found out is not mentally challenging (except for this chimney part, it's still wrong) but it is physically hard labor.  The first day my dad and mom and the missionaries helped us, and our home teacher.  Next saturday they all are mysteriously busy... so it'll just be Dave and I until my brother wakes up (he works nights) and the elders quorum president gets off of work.  We're not too shy to ask for help :)
As hard as it was, these guys worked all day long, until the roofing materials were melting in the heat, and we all took a much needed afternoon break.  We worked late into the night with the help of a spotlight and almost finished this first section.  Dave's been working on it after work for the last few nights, it'll be done soon :)
On another note, we made giant zucchini boats!  I didn't look in the garden for a few days and was surprised to find like 5 of these guys.  We hollowed out two and raced them down the irrigation ditch.  Unfortunately Lydia's got stuck in the first tunnel and she just kept saying "my pickle got stuck, my pickle got stuck"  It was sad, but we still managed to have a great time.
That's all here now.  We hope everyone is doing well in the blogging world, and if your in town, come over to our place and hammer some nails!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Temple trip

The kids in our church planned a trip to visit the Denver temple.  It's only about 45 minutes away, but they never go because they're not allowed inside yet, you need to be at least 12.  They've seen pictures of the temple and they've seen Dave and I go, so it was really special for them to be able to see it in person.
I didn't get any pictures of the full temple (sorry) but the kids did great.  They had an outside tour of the grounds, and the guide told us stories about what certain designs on the building mean.  Here's the "brides bench" turned "boys bench"
Lydia was a little young, but she really enjoyed being spoiled by all the older girls.  Those three blondes around her are all from the same family, they're adorable :)
I hope they enjoyed this trip.  I found out things that I didn't know before too, and they were pretty reverent considering we were outside on a hot wednesday morning...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I had a flashback weekend this past week.  First my little family went to Utah to see an old roommate of mine get married.  She was absolutely gorgeous and happy and it was an amazing reception.  My other old roommate, Jenn, was the photographer.  I did forget my camera (hate that) but take it from me that Anne looked beautiful.
   Then, the day we got back 3 of my other old roommates stayed at our house for a couple days.  It was SOOO fun!  Dave was surprised that we could continue to talk fast and loud and constantly for so long, he didn't believe it when I told him that this is how college was for me :)
  So this is our after shot, we hadn't seen each other since 2001.
Here's fall 2000, BYU football game.  I think we've all changed, but it felt the same even 8 years later...
Here's Al pushing Liz's little girl, Maddy.  Chelsea didn't bring her daughter, but we're excited to meet her, she sounds like a blast :)

These girls honestly just put a smile on my face.  I'm so glad we could all get together, and I hope we do it again before 8 years pass :)

Monday, August 03, 2009


 I have a friend who's blog I follow that just wrote her 300th post.  So this is my 100th, I guess I don't update nearly as much :)  Dave and I found out that we need our roof and porch rail fixed, and since our paint also needs to be done this end of summer/fall, we're going to be very busy.  If anyone wants to come over to help roof, let me know!  We need to do it ourselves unless by some miracle our insurance pays completely for a roof and rail (not likely).  The roofing companies are also charging a TON right now because demand is high...

On to more exciting things... Lydia and Alex decided they wanted snow ;)  They've been in winter clothes the past couple days, I thought Lydia looked especially stylish in this one.
I was going to post the picture that showed their white bums, to give you an idea of how tan they are, but I thought posting that on the world wide web should be their decision :) We're going to Utah for Anne's wedding (an old roommate) and then 3 of my old roommates (Chelsea, Catherine, and Liz) are all coming to visit me!  I can't wait to stay up late talking about nothing :)