Sunday, October 29, 2006

We are finally in our new house! We closed at the end of Septebmer, but we had some work to do on the house before we were ready to move in. After a day of jackhammering, weeks of paint and caulk, we are here.

Alex is Superman for Halloween this year and he enjoyed dressing up for the church Halloween party. He called himself "Super" but cried everytime a kid dressed as a skeleton walked by. Today in church, Alex was very reverent during the sacrement prayer, bowing his head and being very quiet. After the prayer ended, he said, " Amen. Rock ON!" Our giggling only encouraged more "Rock ON!"

Alex enjoys getting dressed, even if we can't take him out in public. He especially likes mom's shoes. He also loves the leaves and the snow we have received this year. He is a lot of fun and we love having him around.