Friday, March 28, 2008

A pokey Easter

Happy Easter!  The kids actually did have really cute easter outfits, but I never got a picture with them in....but here is the MAJOR hunt with the cousins.  Jason, Melissa and I (Kendra) hid around 130 eggs.

And then of course we had to dye 3 dozen more for sunday mornings' Easter bunny egg hunt (We go a tad overboard :)  Alex didn't understand why we put eggs into the dye and not our hands, so he didn't last long.
   And last, we are dog sitting this week and Alex is so in love with the dog that he tells perfect strangers at the store how we just bought a dog this week that will stay with us forever.  As you can see, this dog happily takes any form of torture Alex can dream up.  And Lydia is the perfect size for some serious face licks...lovely.

Friday, March 14, 2008


  We had a crazy Thursday here.  Early in the morning Lydia woke up and Dave went to get her.  At the top of the stairs Dave's feet slipped, he landed on the top stair and dropped Lydia, and they both went tumbling.   The whole fall I hear "bump, bump, bump" and  "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!  I'm sorry!"   At the bottom of the steps I found Lydia laying on her belly and Dave trying to pick her up.  I grabbed Lydia and Dave rolled onto his back asking about Lydia but barely able to breath because he was in pain.
    I took Lydia to the couch and checked for broken bones or bruises or blood and she was already smiling at me.  She was perfectly fine except for a tiny bump on her lower can kind of see the carpet burns here (our stairs are carpet)
   So, I go over to Dave, who is still on the floor and tell her she is alright and he is rolling on the floor in pain.  I ask him if he's OK and he all of a sudden stiffens and starts trembling and gets red in the face.  I start yelling his name and there's no response.  I'm crying and yelling and decide to call 911 and finally he looks up at me and asks me why I'm so sad.  He also says his back hurts.  Although Dave is still insisting he's fine I call 911 anyway and they take Lydia and Dave away in an ambulance, Dave on a huge backboard with neck braces and all.  Alex and I follow in the car.
   The whole time Alex was having a blast.  He drew pictures for Dave while he was on the floor, he kept telling me it would be OK, and he kept shouting "follow that ambulance!"
   So, after hours and many tests, we find that Dave has a compression fracture on his vertebrae (T12 for all you anatomy folks).  Lydia's perfectly fine, just a shiner on her left eye.  Dave is OK and would rather have pain than feel loopy on the drugs.  So, a day later we're all good and can even joke a little bit about how pathetic we everyone in our family has had a hospital visit due to falling down those stairs.  Not a good record :) 

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Happy daylight savings!!!

 Sorry about the title, I couldn't think of anything clever, and I am a little happy about the time change, it means my kiddos will now sleep in an hour later!  Until the sun comes up earlier again.

   I'm a target junkie, I'll admit it.  This chair was a pick-me-up present to myself after a hard day of potty training.   The kids love 'em.
    Who has the best snow hat????? LYDIA!  The best part is that she truly knows how awesome it looks!  What kid does this when you put an itchy hat on their head and it's 60 degrees outside??

  Al and Lydia with their beards.  We staged Alex's, because we had to get one picture of him in here right?  But Lydia did that on her own.  
  This one will make the grandparent's smile.  I'm going to have to buy a lock for the bathroom door or something, because as soon as she's a few inches taller, she'll be starting up the bath and climbing in all on her own!