Sunday, July 25, 2010


My parents own some land up in the mountains. There is nothing but nature on it (and a small fire pit). This weekend we invited some families to come up and camp with us. It was a blast!
We didn't bring swimsuits... Lydia didn't seem to mind :) One of the families we came with really likes to boat, and we had so much fun paddling around in a canoe and getting REALLY sunburnt
That's a postcard, right? :)
Here are most of the kids, besides Lydia. It was so much fun to go with other families... our kids were overloaded with the amount of entertainment
Thanks for coming everyone! Hopefully we can do this again.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

bucket list...

So, I have a bucket list :) Here it is..
1. Scuba dive in great barrier reef
2. See Bare Naked Ladies in concert at red rocks (why them, and why there is a long story)

I can officially check off #2! We went last night. Don't they look awesome :)
I love this place, isn't it beautiful? Isn't he handsome :)

This was the only thing they apparently sell here (besides vodka spiked lemonade) Yes, that's hemp ice cream, they did give out free samples (no I didn't try)
The concert was great, they made up silly songs about red rocks and "the girl with the dragon tattoo". Which was great. When they came out a guy next to me said ,"they're guys????" That was funny...
Also, we had a group of swingers in front of us (not the dancers, the cheating married people that don't call it cheating) It was hard to watch all that free love going on. But, all in all, it was a blast. Totally fulfilled my wish :)

In other news, Alex competed in his first swim meet on saturday. I guess you have to have your race written on your arm in permanent marker for it to be official. Alex totally beat the one other kid in his heat that had to use the wall. But Alex didn't touch at all! We were so proud :)