Thursday, November 29, 2012


I failed on keeping this updated, and have failed on taking ANY pictures in the last month!  Wow!  Here's a quick update to the few that still read :)

We went to a Westernaires show.  It's horse riding and is actually REALLY scary, lots of kids fall off of those fast moving horses!  Alex and Lydia loved it (Dave went to the coin show next door instead :).

I turned 32, it was a nice and relaxing day and I got some great phone calls from long lost friends, which is probably the best part about birthdays.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my parents and Dave's mom.  It was really fun to teach the kids a little more about table manners, and the food was fantastic (as always).

'Tis the season of parties, which is mainly why I have no pictures.  I get really distracted :)

One little quote from Lydia yesterday:
Lydia - "Riley (a friend's older sister) had a meeting with us yesterday"
Kendra - "Oh?  What about?"
Lydia - "She said that if we played with her paper again we wouldn't be allowed in the basement"
Kendra - "Did you mess up her paper yesterday?"
Lydia - "Yes, she said that we could choose, we could mess up her paper and never go in the basement, or we could play in the basement and NOT mess up her paper.
It was a pretty short meeting"

Hahaha!  If only all meetings could be that cut and dry :)

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween & birthday

Happy Halloween!  Alex was a vending machine (which was a hit!) and Lydia was Belle.

Lydia actually dressed up in an old costume that Grandma Jaynie (Dave's mom) made for Aunt Michelle (Dave's sister) about 20 years ago.  Back when Belle was a new princess.  Thank you Jaynie for saving it and keeping it in good condition.  That is a Mauger talent (one that I do not possess, I go through things quickly).  I did put in a hoop skirt for Lydia, because I've always wanted one.

We trick or treated the neighborhood, but had to go to the grandparents too.  I LOVE living close to two grandmas, it's AWESOME!  The kids love it too.

And, as the title suggests, I did celebrate a birthday!  I'm 32 years old now.  Not super monumental, but  it was an enjoyable and relaxing day.  Life is good :)