Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cousin Sonya!

Sonya's here! The whole Arp family came for Christmas break...but because of the snow and crazy season times, I've only managed to get pictures of Sonya :) Simone is also here and as cute as can be, and of course Nichole and Nathan (they're cute too). But Alex and Sonya really hit it off this time, they're right at the perfect age to really play together. Nathan is an AMAZING uncle, and he played in the snow with them and Jodi's little boy Owen...they're favorite activity was being pulled on the sled!
Sonya's on the front, Al in the middle, and Owen hanging on for dear life on the back :)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Alex Picks Up and Lydia on the Move

Here is Lydia on the move! She is quite the scooter now and is very happy about it. But being on the move, Alex's toys are now within her reach. Today, Alex got upset that Lydia had scooted over and was gumming his play tools. When he was informed that he should pick up his toys if he didn't want Lydia to play with them, he promptly picked up everything in the family room!
The other night, Alex had a late bedtime, so dad cut the Christmas story a little short. Alex went to sleep but was up a few minutes later. When dad went to get him, he said, "Hey! You didn't finish the Christmas story!" Nothing gets by Alex!
Alex also thinks that Santa makes the best angel in the nativity scene and that the 3 wisemen brought gold and Frankenstein for the baby Jesus.

Monday, December 03, 2007


Lydia is officially crawling now! I was going to get a picture of her actually crawling, but she's asleep right now and you never never never wake a sleeping baby! And when she's up, because she's crawling, I don't get the chance to write on the blog!
And the next part is for Jenn, but the rest of you can read it too! the pictures below are of the quilt I finished (finally!) ACtually, it's not totally finished...but it will work until I get the chance. It's on our fireplace, which doesn't work anymore. We decided to make it a sitting area, it's right next to the kids play area and if we didn't put something soft on it it would be just a matter of time before the sharp brick edge causes stitches. Dave said I could just whip up a quilt :) I like his confidence in me. And I'm glad it looks christmasy, but it will be up all year long.