Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween week

Does anyone else feel like this holiday was the longest ever? We have celebrated for three days straight... I'm beat. Thursday was Lydia's school party, then we went to the HUGE pumpkin patch. Friday was Alex's party and a friend's party in the evening. Saturday was our ward party and trunk or treat. And today is the actual holiday... phew!
This is Alex's kindergarten teacher, isn't she awesome? She just has this belle costume lying around :)
Dave at the pumpkin patch, this pumpkin was $100, and I was in no mood to carve it :) We got ours fresh from the field
Lydia the cowgirl :) I could never find reasonably priced cowboy boots, so tinkerbell shoes had to work.
Alex the cowboy. Yes, we had matching kids this year. I loved it. This outfit that Alex is wearing is pretty much all Dave's. His mom gave us all of their old costumes and we found the stirrups, boots, belt, and bandana in it! YEA Jaynie :)
At our ward christmas party we had a no-holds bar pinewood derby. Lydia really loved it. Unfortunately Dave is not as serious about this race as other dads. Our wheel fell off after the 30th race or so. So, Grandma let Lydia borrow hers (pictured above) My mom did tape a troll (remember those toys?) to the top, but he flew off pretty fast :)

I hope everyone else had a great Halloween!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Family pictures

My lovely sister-in-law did a free photo shoot for us a few weeks ago. I love that she not only thought of about 8 million poses (seriously), she also decided to bring her family along so we could take a family photo of them. And, of course, grandma had to come along too... couldn't miss out on the fun :)
We got so many good pictures, I'm afraid they didn't get nearly as many. We don't have Melissa's talent...
Lydia and Autumn... so cute
Al and his idol (Jaxen)
All the kids on grandma's car :) Melissa also brought giant lollipops for this pose. It was really cute and SO messy. Maybe if you come over you can see the good pictures :)
This one is my favorite, but it's not the one we chose. We picked a picture where Lydia was smiling too to actually hang on our wall. But isn't that background awesome! Thanks Melissa ;)

Saturday, October 02, 2010


I had such a fun saturday today. Some of my friends from elementary school (yes, that's over 17 years ago :) decided to get together... so fun! Here is Kayla and Brooke on the last day of 6th grade... sorry the quality is so poor, I can't work my scanner (and the photos are so OLD!)
Here's me, in the girls bathroom, man I was so cool...
And here we are now! From left to right, Brooke, Karrie, me, Kayla..
I couldn't find a before picture of Karrie, there's a million at my mom's house. We all met up with our kids at a pumpkin festival. So, the kids got to decorate pumpkins, go on a pumpkin hunt, bounce around on the inflatables, hay ride, watch dogs do tricks, and talk to the firefighters.