Thursday, July 05, 2007

Baby Blessing

Lydia was blessed on July 1st in our ward. It was really nice to have both grandparents would've been nicer to have all of our family, but summer time is a hard time to get away, as we found out already! We braved the heat to snap a few shots right before we had to run to our various callings. That's why we look so rushed. And Alex is wondering why we're not going straight to nursery - his favorite part of the week :) I hope these pictures make you who haven't seen Lydia want to come and hold this little sweetheart...we'd love to share if you can make it!!!


Jason said...

Looks good Kendra, I wish we could be there! Congratulations.

Jason said...

Yes, I want to come!!! I am so bugged that we are not millionaires so I can fly whenever I want. I am still holding out for September, till then she can chunk up some more for me!! Everyone looks so great.


Rodrigo said...
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