Saturday, April 05, 2008

Kite festival

  We had a kite festival here in Arvada again this year.  This is by far my favorite festival because it's always beautiful weather and it's totally free!  (Dave is still rooting for the Italian festival).  We got to go with all the grandparents this year, which made it even more relaxing than sitting on the grass looking at kites in the air already is!
We kind of messed up and didn't actually bring a kite, so we went to the food booths to see if any smart minded business man had set up a kite such luck.  (I know, next year it's mine!) But they did have a booth where little kids could make their own kite.  Alex's is a paper ladybug with bamboo skewers and a spool of thread.  It worked out alright, and Al thought it was amazing :)  Dave's trying to get it higher than himself in the picture above.

  And this is what sweet Lydia did the whole time :) Or, almost the whole time...was just look in the sky at the 30 or so kites.


Chelsea said...

Fun. I love kites. What a blessing to live so close to both sets of grandparents.

ann marie said...

I saw this in the paper, and thought about going and then forgot about it. Do you go every year? It looks like a lot of fun! Neat! These are some cute pictures!

John & Jennifer Savage said...

Cute pictures! There was a kite festival every year in Washington D.C. too and my family would always go, so I agree with you--it IS the best festival! :) And I can't believe there wasn't an enterprising kite seller! I'm excited to see next year when you're selling kites like Burt in Mary Poppins. :)

Hannah S said...

How fun! I just read about my friends /cousin in DC who went to the national kite festival/cherry blossom festival and was jealous...but I didn't know Arvada had one! The whole time I lived there! How fun! Where is it at?