Tuesday, September 02, 2008


  We had a Mauger family reunion in Fruita...it's really close to Grand Junction and pretty much a half-way point for everyone.  Because we're really horrible at getting pictures, this was the only one with Daniel & Michelle (right) and Steve, Kass, & Weston (left).  
  This was a cool bench there (notice Lydia's pigtails!)
  At the dinosaur museum there they have animated dinosaurs, it was awesome!
Driving back we had a little traffic, but the kids did great.

  All in all it was great, we even did one bike ride where I was humbled once again.  It was great because when the kids went to sleep we adults could all stay up and talk and play games, Dave and I had a blast...and Alex was sad to leave.  Lydia's pretty much always happy :)


chelsea said...

Cute pigtails, Lydia! I'm jealous that your kids do so well in the car. My little screamer makes every car ride an experiment in noise tolerance. We're going to need hearing aids by the time we're 35 (and 38, respectively).

John & Jennifer Savage said...

So cute!! Good job for growing pigtails Lydia! Yay for having a little one that is almost always happy! Good job, whatever you did as parents. Got some tips?? lol!