Sunday, July 09, 2006


Hey everyone! We had a really exciting week with Melissa and her 3 kiddos here. It was a little messy and really busy and now we're all tired. Jason had to stay home for work but he got the beauty of sleeping in every morning!
We went to tiny town and rode the train "choochoo!" The kids loves climing in and out of the little houses. We also went to the natural history museum and a pizza bar.
Alex has just started nursery in church. The first week he had a blast, the last two weeks he's fallen asleep on the nursery worker for most of the time. Good thing she likes him!
Dave is almost done with school, two more short weeks and he's a free man! (except for the jobs I want him to do :) He'll start work at Sonsio in Golden, CO on July 31. He's really excited to start working in the real world, and he doesn't even have to wear a tie!

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