Monday, July 10, 2006

Hey guys! A couple weeks ago Dave was working on the car and Alex wanted to help...right here he looks confused, but trust us, he knows more of what's going on than Dave :) The last two pictures are of tonight when we took Al to coldstone for the first time, he had watermelon sorbet with sprinkles, and ate the whole thing! He did go to sleep with died bright pink lips but all in all it was a success!

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Jennifer Savage said...

Hello Maugers!
I thought I'd be the first one to comment on your great blog. Alex looks exactly like Dave...a little startling! :) Kendra, you look great. (This is your old roommate Jenn bytheway, so you don't have to wonder who is complimenting you until the very end). So Dave got a "real" job? That's awesome! John also just joined the masses of working men with a job in Salt Lake. We plan on him working at this job for about five years to get experience, and then hope to spread our wings and fly back East. We moved to a town outside of Salt Lake called Cottonwood Heights, which I had never heard of previously, but which I like quite a bit so far (we've only been here since this past Saturday). But anyways, that's our latest and greatest. Oh, and I liked the England pictures you sent a while ago. Was that just a trip for fun? You guys go to all of the cool places. How did Alex hold up during the flight? Well anyways, better go. Write soon!
Love, jenn (fisk) savage