Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas Break

Merry Christmas!!!!
We had a really fun christmas break. Dave was planning on working for most of it, but mother nature had other ideas. Alex and I didn't complain.
We got around 3 feet of snow fall, but the drifts on the side of our house were 5 feet tall! It was a blast, and we still haven't gone into our back yard yet, we'd get lost!
This was about 36 hours after the first blizzard, it just finally stopped snowing and our whole neighborhood was out shoveling, Alex decided to work too, although he might have done more harm than good :)
We celebrated Christmas with almost all the family in town, and Alex really enjoyed opening presents at THREE different houses! oh boy. Unfortunately we caught the stomach flu from someone during the parties and DAve got yet another day of work off (not as fun as snow though)
WE also found out that we're going to have a little girl on May 15! The ultrasound was so fun to see and as all proud parents, we have the video if you ever want to really see how a baby moves at 20 weeks. WE have no idea about names yet, but we'll keep you posted!
I hope everyone else had a great christmas, minus the flu :)

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Anonymous said...

Kendra!!! Congratulations on the baby! and especially that it's a girl. did you guys plan that??? :) i had no idea that you were pregnant, and it makes me chuckle because we broadcast it on our blog as soon as we could find a reason to, and you're further along than i am! your due date is exactly one month before mine! i'm so excited. we find out if it's a boy or girl in ten days. i'll let you know.
love, jenn savage