Tuesday, February 13, 2007


DAve turned 26 this last week! Alex was a little disappointed the cake and presents weren't for him, but he got to blow out candles two days in a row...so it all worked out!
We also went down to visit Steve and Kass in Colorado Springs. The top picture is on the Air Force Academy campus, on the trail to their chapel. I thought my boys looked especially like clones with this shot. And the family photo is right outside Cave of the Winds, overlooking a HUGE canyon.
It was a blast to see Steve and Kass again and Alex actually behaved really well in the cave, which is impressive since you're not allowed to touch anything! Dave is feeling good, despite the old age :) And we're all very excited for summer to finally start and to try our hands at gardening. We hope all is well with everyone!

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Melissa said...

Wow! 26, I hope the poor old guy didn't hurt himself blowing out the candles. I hope Al is feeling better and that you guys are sickness free for awhile.